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Monday, 4 July 2011

Roma Buys

Hi everyone!

I'm back from Roma! I've had a wonderful week. The weather in Rome was hot and sunny. The food was delicious. The gelato was indescribable. The pizzas were like no other (unsurprisingly). The hotel was excellent. The atmosphere was so chilled out. Before I start any 'Rome' posts, I thought I'd start with a few of the things I got from there.
I hope you're reading this in the best of health and also had a wonderful week ^.^

One of the things I got from Rome was this box of chocolates. Venchi is what I'd call our version of Thornton's chocolatier. Not the most affordable chocolate shop, but for the quality, I'd say it's a fair price. For this, if I remember, it was around 16 Euros.

I saw these Pocket Espressos at the airport and was curious to try them. I still haven't tried one of these. Funnily enough, I am now reluctant to try one as I'm not a fan of espressos >.<...
After opening the box, what surprised me were the contents. I was expecting some espresso coffee beans wrapped in chocolate (don't ask me why!), instead, I saw 3 mini boxes with a straw attached at its side...

The next purchase was my highlight whilst shopping in Rome...
I did not buy a lot there, mainly because I was opting for something authentic, something Italian. After all, I was in Italy and I didn't want to get something I could get in London for the same price or in some cases, costlier (include the import prices!).

Camomilla is a wonderful shop with some very remarkable girly bags. I like the way it creates this fusion of girly and grown up designs. A woman of any age can carry their bags and they wouldn't look too old or too young for it (makes sense? =P). Camomilla uses a lot of ribbons and bows in their designs. Polka dots and flowers are also common.

I like the combination of retro, vintage and modern feel to their designs.

After spending so long in the shop, I opted for a grey mini briefcase looking bag, with a bow at the front. There were different kinds of these to choose from. The one I went for was the medium size because I didn't want it to be too large or too small. I wanted one that looked chic and light; the medium did it for me.

Another cool buy was in a shop called Bartolucci. There were numerous Pinocchio items in the shop. Everything was made of wood and near the counter, someone was creating more wooden treasures to add to the shop's stock. I felt like I just entered Geppetto's place! I made sure to get a few items from this place to remember it. A pencil holder and a sharpener were the most useful things that would fit on my table, so I got those, signed their guestbook and left the shop in wonder.

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