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Monday, 23 May 2011

My Perfume. Made for me. Je l'adore.

A few months ago, it was my birthday. Among the gifts I received is this unique precious perfume made for me by a close friend who knew just how much I love scents. I think this is a very sweet and personal present, slightly risky too once I learnt they did not know much about scents!
{The bows on the pictures have been added in to cover up its name, as it was named after me.}

The Perfume Lab is a small company in Paris, which allows you to design your own perfume by allowing you to decide what concentration of ingredients you want to add in its composition.
It took less than 2 weeks to reach me. The perfume lasts 1-2 years and the bottle is designed to keep the perfume cool and shield it from light. I was surprised once I opened it and felt how cool it was!

The perfume turned out to be wonderful ^.^ I could make out sharp crisp citrus notes initially, with jasmine lingering underneath those. It becomes slightly spicy after a few minutes. What I like about it is the fact that it seems to be able to stay on its top and middle notes for a long time, before it finally settles to its base notes. And it is the base notes that appeal to me the most. The musk is contagious. It's very calm and soothing. And even after washing my hands a few times, I can still distinguish the scent.

I'll be cherishing this until it lasts - and afterwards, I will, for sure, be keeping the bottle =)

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Laduree has opened at Covent Garden on the 12th May. I visited it 2 days after. I'm SO excited. Partly because I like macaroons. Partly because I think Laduree is a chic girly place. Partly because it's a little piece of Paris transported to London. I could go on and on. But the main reason is - they make the best macaroons and probably some of the best desserts (I will be trialling some of them out in future).

I took these pictures in a rush - next time I'll be armed with the Canon 7D!
I knew my next visit will be a long wait, so, guess what I did. Yes. I ordered each flavour of macaroon. But being the generous person that I am, I shared them amongst friends and family ^.^ We all loved it!

There is an upstairs in this store, which I have yet to visit.
Check out their cool design sketches here.

On to the pictures!

All instructions and information is in French, which I think is pretty cool! Not so much maybe for those who don't know French. I think the presentation is wonderful. I like the fact that they wrote the expiry date with a green pen.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Library Scribbles

On my recent trip to the library, I discovered some scribbles left from people. They were of all sorts. Some were childish, some were stupid, some were encouraging, some were just too offensive to take a picture of and post them here. But whilst I was revising, they kept me entertained...all the while, they also made me think of what people thought of...

Equipped with my usual books and my phone ^.^

This was a funny one (haha!).

Just when I thought people stopped doing this! I remember back in the days when people would make a mess of the toilet walls writing '[NAME] woz ere' and my reaction always stayed the same. That was ---> -.- ........

This one read 'Do you really have time reading this?'
Well turns out I do, anonymous person.

This one reads, 'Do you love me?', followed by, 'Yes.' Suspiciously seems to be written by the same person. Hah.

I liked this one! Just what I needed to see amidst all the childish and insulting comments that I didn't capture.

This isn't too hopeful and brings all sorts of negative feelings. Keep it to yourself, anonymous >.< people are trying to revise and lift their spirits and pass exams!

I hate exams too, don't we all?

Thought provoking comment here.

Studying Mathematics and being the nerd that I sometimes am...this is my favourite scribble!

Now this is just vandalism ... terrible, is it not!

Is this how bored people can get in the library?
I guess so - me thinks.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Butterfly Award

Yet again, another very late post. My head is screaming the following: I am drowning. Barely hanging on. The pressure is high. The time is ticking. I have a burden of work on my back. I have a deadline today. A test tomorrow. Another huge deadline the day after. And then more deadlines. Remind me what day is it today - wow - is it really a Monday? You can guess I didn't have much of a weekend. Hah..!

After the continuous stressful days that I have been facing, I have been counting down the days left till my freedom (3 weeks to go!).
In the midst of all the chaos, I'm so happy when I found out I won the following award: The Butterfly Award, passed on to me by the wonderful rosewater. Thank you! =D This really brightened up my week. And then the lovely Bitten gave the award to me. Yay ^.^ Thank you! Am I gushing or what? =P
The very late post on this was due to me not wanting to rush this post.
The blogs I will pass this award on to are the following (I know some of the featured blogs might have already been awarded!):
1) Mahira Loves Photography - for the inspiring photos and originality.
2) Notes & Cupcakes - for the cute, sweet notes and pictures. Chic blog!
3) Starry-Eyed - I feel like I can relate to so many of her posts. I like the variety and warm personal touch of her blog. I also like how direct and frank she is with her opinions.
4) Inlovewiththearabicworld - This is another blog I can relate to. I like the posts especially relating to the current affairs in our world and learning her viewpoints in many aspects of life.

I would award more blogs with this award, as soo many of you rightly deserve it too. There are a lot of cool blogs out there =)

So, something about me now...
I realise that may of you think/know that my blog is less personal compared to other blogs. I've always been personal with almost everything and reserved. But having this said, I feel like I can express myself the way I want to, as the way I am, in my blog. In person, I'm quiet and reserved - you'd be surprised! =P

A little something about me is as follows:
I am in my final year, studying pure Mathematics. This is why I have been extremely busy recently (and I still am). I have barely been holding on for the past few years (but Alhamdulilah, I have managed to get this far and just for that, I am very thankful). I'm no Mathematician, that's for sure. I put myself into the category of people who have to work very hard to acheive a good enough result, in contrast to people who are born with a talent in this subject and who know it all with little effort. I share a love-hate relationship with Mathematics - at the moment I am absolutely hating it!! =( Grr...

So there you go! =P

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Style Inspiration - Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned

Her first appearances to me featured in the Daily Mail last year. I read these two articles (1), (2). And I knew exactly why people were entranced by this inspiring lady from that moment on. She always gets it right when it comes to fashion. She looks sweet, chic and very sophisticated. And I have to say, her maxi outfits look amazing.
Pure class! ^.^
The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about her 'style and substance' here.

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