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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Molton Brown's Yuan Zhi

This is my first Molton Brown product. I don't know why I never ventured into a Molton Brown store before. Perhaps it is because I find their products out of my price range or perhaps it is because I usually find their shops lonely (which is not a surprise because their items are pretty costly!).
But with expensive prices come luxury and quality. You can expect to obtain excellent quality here with what you pay for, which is always satisfying.

I got this Yuan Zhi candle as a gift and was very excited because...firstly...I love candles! I rarely let a night pass by without lighting one. And secondly, I am obsessed with scents. So this candle ticked all the right boxes for me. Let me tell you - I was impressed!

The scent is immaculate. I've smelt loads of candles before but none quite like this one. It is very soothing, reminding me of lavender, cardamoms, spice, cream, vanilla....
It is a very unique scent. I haven't even smelt a perfume resembling it!

Plus with 70-80 hours of burning time, I can justify the price tag for this...

I became more and more intruged with this scent, so I did a little research on Molton Brown's website. And I found out that they have other ranges of the Yuan Zhi scent. Can you imagine my excitement?!!
I couldn't contain myself and had to get something else from the range. I chose the Yuan Zhi room fragrance because it is the most concentrated form of the scent that I could obtain. I sprayed my room so many times now on numerous occasions and it is wonderful....simply wonderful!

And at £22 for 100ml, I think it is reasonably priced.

' My room is no longer complete without the Yuan Zhi scent lurking in the air... ,

I was given a free sample of Heavenly Gingerly Bath & Shower gel. This is a real treat! I was impressed with how long the scent stays on.

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