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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

YSL's Rouge Volupte Lipstick

YSL's Rouge Volupte Lipstick is everything you would want your lipstick to be like - I know this is true for me anyway.
At first, I was reluctant to get this. The most expensive lipstick I've purchased was around the £12 border and that was by Clinique. This lipstick was almost double that price. At £22, it sure doesn't come cheap. But the most important thing I wanted was to get the quality which matched the cost of the product. It's no secret that YSL has always been famous for their lipsticks. They advertise these glamourously, almost as if comparing them to candies.
In the end I got this and tested it on the same day. I tested it about 4 times now I'd say (the pictures were taken after I tested this!).

I like its packaging. It's very simple yet sophisticated too.

Holding it, you can feel its weight distinctly in your palms. It's quite heavy for a lipstick and feels very well made. This surprised me and added to the enjoyment of putting it on.

This is the part which makes the lipstick stand out. I'm liking this! It's so simple and bears the logo of YSL. Chic and fun =) - I will be keeping it when it's finished.

I wanted a peachy colour because it's something summery and light. Something that wasn't too red, not too pink and not too light or dark. I see it as a type of pastel colour.

Plus it has SPF 15, which is a bonus.

This lasts for hours. For me it lasted 7-8 hours (without eating or drinking that is). But even when I ate or drank, I could still see its colour there. Most lipsticks in the past were completely erased! So that was impressive.
What I liked most about it is that it gives you the exact colour you see in the lipstick. It doesn't suddenly become too dark or light on application. This is a defining strength for me when it comes to this product. It makes one feel like there is no 'gimmic' - what you see is what you get! ^.^

So I do think at £22, yes it it expensive, but so worth it! If this is the only lipstick I were to have right now, I'd be happy with it.

P.S. I forgot to mention. It smells fabulous - just like candy but the scent isn't overpowering at all and it sure does not smell cheap or tacky. It's very girly! Plus because it is very pigmented, you can skip colouring in your lips with a lipliner (if some of you do that) and rely on this lipstick to do its magic on you.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Counting down. And now it's over!

After months (or rather, years) of hard work, the last exam left me exhausted. I didn't dare breathe until it was all over. When exams are present, I'm almost in complete hibernation at my desk. I always imagined the end of my final exam to be one of joy, a day when I would jump or cry out loud out of happiness or go to a theme park to release all the excitement.
I have to say, the last day was not like this. Most of all, I felt relieved when the hour came. It was relief that settled in and then the excitement. And all I wanted and could do that day was to go home and get some well deserved rest which involved napping...

These were just a few of the books I had to return. After several months of seeing these, I was so glad to finally drop them off!!

This Jasmine and Orange tea helped me through some of my mornings. I was surprised with how well both of them complimented each other. Sometimes I like having herbal teas early in the morning as they're not heavy, they don't have any milk in them and they're refreshing.

The amount of times I had sushis for lunch are one of the things I could not guess. Yes. I did have a lot of sushis for lunches =P. They are one of the healthy foods that I could pick straight off the shelf and eat without being messy.
But I cannot eat anything raw, even when it comes to sushis.

This was me counting down the days until the end of exams on my calculator (haha).

This weekend I shall be heading to Rome. It will be my second visit to the lovely city =D and I am so thankful to have another chance to visit it. I have been counting down the days for over a month now! I visited Rome 5 years ago but I don't remember much of my visit there, so this time I want to learn more about the city. It's a wonderful place to practise photography and capture some beautiful scenes.

I will of course post some of the pictures in this blog for all of you to see ^.^

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Penhaligon's: A Closer Look

Last week, I headed over to Penhaligon's again. This time I was armed with the Canon 7D. That was the first time I was using the camera on manual mode, so apologies if the pictures look a bit 'out of place' - I am still learning! I have to say, photography is not easy, at least when starting off, it can be quite tricky.

I blogged about Penhaligon before here. They're absolutely amazing and their scents are one of a kind. The last time I took pictures of the store, it was closed, so I could not venture in. So this time I took the opportunity to snap away with permission. The staff were lovely and welcoming and the place smells divine.

Some candles in fragrances which are available as an Eau de Toilette.

This has to be one of my favourite display/decor in the store.

I smelt almost every one of these again. Gardenia remains my favourite. Ellenisia was another scent which surprised me. One of Penhaligon's staff described it as peachy and less floral compared to Gardenia, which I agree with. Surprisingly though, as much as I'm not a fan of florals on most occasions, Gardenia still manages to have that twist which keeps me captivated. Ellenisia is more simple and light.

I have been told that one of the services Penhaligon's offer in testing scents involves blindfoling the customer and allowing them to smell each perfume. I'm assuming this is one of the traditional ways of doing it. What an awesome way to trial every perfume!

The store's wall is decorated with the names of their perfumes over the years.

Walking inside really does feel like being in a different era. I feel like I'm at an apothecary.

To the left is Gardenia.

A few months ago, I also noticed a distinctive taxi bearing all the perfume names of Penhaligon's. After looking up on it, I found out that a few of these taxis still exist (apparently! Although there are very few of them so I rarely notice one). The taxi driver would know all about Penhaligon and their fragrances and would be more than happy to talk scents on the journey. The taxi would be scented in one of their perfumes. And upon paying for the fare, you get a discount on your next Penhaligon's purchase. Cool or what?! ^.^

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Naked Bike Ride...seriously?

So, I was out yesterday and bumped into a friend unexpectedly. We said our hellos - we haven't seen each other in a while. A few hours later, I check my phone and there is a text from the same friend saying (warning me) they bumped into a group of naked cyclists.
These cyclists were participating in a naked bike ride. I don't know what their reason is, whether it was for charity or sports or whether they were a group of nudists touring the city to cause uproar, but what I do know is, whatever the reason or cause for this 'naked bike ride', as they so call it, is simply unacceptable and plain disgusting.
This event has been taking place for a few years now (I think). Fortunately my eyes have always been shielded from them. Yesterday took a close turn though. As I was window shopping with a friend, they noticed for a split second that the naked cyclists were heading down the road we were walking on. Immediately I was warned and we both averted our gazes, so I did not see anything.
But what I did see were people around me, who quickly got their phones and cameras out to record the scene. Some were laughing. Some shouted. Some were surprised. Some looked amused. Everyone seemed to find it hilarious - apart from my friend and I.
And it got us thinking... this is broad daylight. What about the children out and about? It also got us thinking how nudity, for the one day, is suddenly acceptable... yet on other days, it is actually illegal. Double standards?

In the end, all I have to say is I'm disgusted. This is wrong, full stop.

So, what do you think of this subject ?

Friday, 10 June 2011

Busaba, eat Thai.

At times, revision would get far too much for me and being indoors felt almost like suffocating. The amount of take aways I have eaten for lunch, sushis in particular, have left me opting for something different. I was looking for a place that was reasonably priced, quick to serve lunch and one that was fuss free.

Over the last month, I found a place which met all my mini criteria. I headed there twice for lunch and on both occasions, the service and food was YUM!
Busaba is a Thai restaurant, with a few branches spread out in London, so if you do live in the city, you might just have one of these close by to you.

Scene 1, Act 1 - First Visit

Starters were shrimps and squid. The shrimps were nice - though a little greasy. The squid might not suit everyone's taste. It tasted sweet and slightly salty at the same time.

Curry (can't remember which!) with boiled rice.

The nicest dish in the house .... Pad Thai noodles!

Bon Appetit.

Scene 2, Act 1 - Second Visit

Vegetable Spring rolls with some sweet and sour sauce.

And again, the Pad Thai Noodles! The second picture shows the spicier version of it, which was accompanied with thinly sliced mangoes.

Would I recommend Busaba?
Yes! =)

PAUL's - The Cafe I've been waiting for

PAUL's cafe is taking London by storm. One is opening litterally on every street corner and the queues are slowly building up. People are choosing to opt for Paul's rather than their usual Starbucks, Costa or Cafe Nero. Including me.

When I was in Paris, one of the things I loved the most about the city was their homely cafes and I felt that this was one thing London was lacking. Sure, there was Starbucks everywhere you'd go, but to me, cafes like Starbucks started to seem more commercialised as time went by. I missed the rich tasting chocolate and the fine coffees that I tasted in Paris. I missed the homely welcoming warmth of a cafe that Paris had - an experience that would cost you a lot in London.

So when I first heard about Paul's, I was excited and I did not wait long to try some of their products.

One of the first things I tried was their chocolate cake. It was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted. I shall try to find out its name. And then I tried their mocha - which turned out to be amazing. Although, I have to note that at certain times, it can be a hit and miss. I learnt that some Paul's do their mochas better than others.

And then I tried this hot chocolate, which helped me through revision. It's so rich, delightful and satisfying. At £5.50 it is expensive, but once in a while, it's a wonderful treat. The texture is just right. No sugar is needed. The colour is rich. The smell is yummy. Everything is in balance! And to me, this has to be the best hot chocolate out there.

Bigger sized macaroons are sold in different flavours. I think I tried the pecan flavoured one (I remember its colour was brown but it was not coffee or chocolate) and I have to was a real delight. It's like biting into a cloud ^.^

I wanted to try out every flavour, so I got this pack to trial them all out. At £8 a box, again, it is expensive, but once in a while, it's a wonderful little treat.

Captured with the Canon 7D

Captured with the Canon 7D

And it goes very well with freshly brewed cream tea...

So if you happen to see a PAUL's on your way, I highly recommend it. I cannot wait to sit in one of their cafes. I haven't had the time to visit one properly so far but I know that I will be finding myself there many many times...
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