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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

YSL's Mysterious Belle d'Opium

I've been wanting to get this perfume since it came out in Dubai in the summer. I got it as a gift instead!

This fragrance is my favourite evening scent at the moment. It represents a younger, yet mature, feminine scent. It's a very well made potion in comparison to its original decomposition in YSL's Opium .

I cannot emphasize just how wonderful this perfume smells like. It's not over-powering and has a balance of musk, jasmine, floral scents. You feel almost as if the numerous layers of scents leave you guessing what else you can smell in between...which makes it very mysterious to me.

I would not recommend this for everyone. Some of you might find it too overpowering or not suited to your taste! Years back, I probably wouldn't have gone for this scent, but as we know...scents change with time and age =)

Don't you just admire the bottle? Compared to YSL's Opium, where I would resemble that to a mature middle-aged woman; Belle d'Opium would resemble a young girl reaching womanhood and rejoicing to what wonders it brings her...

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My first pair of suede shoes!

As you've read....yes....that's right! =P I got myself my first pair of suede shoes from Dune!
I've never been the type who would risk it and go for tender materials such as suede because I assume they'd be a nightmare to maintain and care for.
However, the shop assistant at Dune did tell me it's not so hard to look after a pair of these. I'll find out for myself....
Maybe she might be right (and not just saying that to sell these pair to me!) as these pair of shoes have sold out quick online and in store!

I guess I shall have to get a suede brush just in case...perhaps a spray too...

I like the neutral colour of these shoes. It bridges the light brown-grey tone. As expected, the material is super almost feel very spoilt wearing these!

Dune is one of my favourite places to shop for quality shoes. However, because their price tags are out of my range, I only get shoes from there when I need to. Otherwise, I simply wait for the sales...

The heel height is medium which makes walking light and easy. Less pressure on your toes and heels. And also easy on the eye as it doesn't stand out.

The shape of the shoe fits my taste. It's not too pointed at the tip, neither is it too rounded. It fits one's foot comfortably.

Suede shoes rock! =D

Saturday, 25 December 2010

' Handmade Jewellery ... ,

I'm a huge fan of personal handmade products as presents or treats. A friend of mine has been creating some pretty jewelleries and art - I thought they deserve a post because they're starting to be a mini collection of mine (and of course they're just wonderful!)...


A cat in a basket made from mini beads. If I remember, this takes just under an hour with some practise on creating simpler things first...
You can actually take the cat out of the basket! =P

A mix of 2 shades lavender drop earrings. Simple, medium-sized, easy to wear...!

And the bracelet that goes with it...

I like the combination of the metallic rings and the pink balls. It's such a girly bracelet.

My latest addition is a pink bracelet shaped like a mini chain carrying a pendant.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Washington Hotel - Mayfair

The Washington Hotel at Mayfair was a cosy, wonderful place to feel at home in...
The room was well lit, the decorations were minimal and neutral. I'm liking the balance of how the room was set up.

See it for yourself in this mini room tour ^.^! Luckily, I happened to stay there during my weekend...

The cosy double bed was neatly arranged.

The wallpapers were pretty! The patterned design blended in so well with the neutral light brown colour and the plainest paintings were hung on the wall so as to keep the room's scene balanced.

Above the headboard was a simple circle art. I like having circle shaped items in the room because it reminds me of a rounded balanced feeling - like some kind of unity (know what I mean? =P I guess almost like a marriage ring being round, a 'perfect' circle.... harmony).

The mini balcony overlooked the gym on the opposite road.

Afternoon tea at the side table.

Offering some teas & coffees ...

The bathroom was very clean, shiny & just magnificent!

Absolutely like the presentation of these....!

My clutch bag bearing the Burj Khalifa symbol. I got this from Dubai =P and it's my favourite clutch. The colour doesn't show too well - it's grey.

The scene outside the balcony at night...

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Abu Zaad - Syrian Restaurant

Abu Zaad is a restaurant specialised in Syrian cuisine located in Shepherd's Bush (a 15 minute walk from Westfield if you happen to be nearby)

The decorations made me feel like I was taken to another era. The music added a wonderful homely atmosphere to the golden lit room...

Mint tea came with traditional tea mixed with mint leaves.

Some Battata Harra was a yummy starter with khubus bread...

...accompanied by some falafel and....

...of course... how can you forget the houmous? =P

Some Tabouleh was also brought to the table. As I blogged before.... this is my favourite salad!!

Chicken Showerma was the main satisfying meal, with some mild spicy rice and a mix of salad on the side.

Dessert was a selection of fine baklawas.

I'd definitely recommend anyone to try out this restaurant. The food is of good quality, the service was great, the atmosphere was so relaxed.... satisfying indeed!

Mini Primark Haul

Primark can be a great place for shopping if you're hunting for basics.
I have to admit, I seldom find anything nice in Primark as I am fussy with quality and design. However, today I decided to venture in and here are my finds.... (hopefully they will convince you to shop there too!)

Tips for shopping at Primark:
- Check the stitching of the clothes, bags etc...
- Check all buttons are secure.
- Look for any wear or tear.
- Sizes vary greatly, so fit the clothes you buy unless you have a good sense of judgement (which I thankfully do =P)
- Avoid buying shoes there. This is my advice from numerous reviews I've heard of Primark's shoes, including the heel of the shoe snapping...

A blue-green & grey long sleeved basic shirt (£3)

Simple long sleeved shirts can be hard to find in the high street. So here's one with a cool design - I'm liking the combination of the two colours...

A vintage style sweater (£5, was £10)

I admire vintage designs. They're so feminine and pretty! So I had to get this!

Check out the puffy shoulder design =P

Another brown basic long sleeve top (£3)

This is great for wearing under tops or shirts.

And finally, some gloves (£2)

I've been looking for this design for a while now, something which frees your fingers. You might think it's a bit pointless seeing as gloves are meant to keep your hands warm, but, these can very handy for when you have to reach for something in your bag or when you have to use your phone!

Along the way I got some toffee apples.... one of my favourite treats =)

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