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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Revolution in Flossing?

It's so easy to forget flossing your teeth at the end of the day. I've noticed that companies are finding ways of making flossing an easier experience for us - one which will give us less hassle, time and energy wise.

We all must have tried normal dental floss, which is just a coil of string you measure off vaguely and cut off - easy enough!

Then there came along a more friendly version...(see below)...

This is my favourite and most effective way. The handle makes it very easy to reach hard places. And it saves you time from measuring and cutting off the floss yourself. It definitely encourages me more...!
These are now widely available in drugstores, supermarkets and department stores.


After this type of floss...I found this (see below), and it intrigued me....
This is the Corsodyl Daily Interdental Brush.

The white part is made of rubber stem, making it flexible. Its little bristles ensure it'll get to the right places and clean properly. These are said to be as effective as flossing and help to protect delicate gums and enamel. It's also metal free and perfect for use around implants and crowns.

Directions (on packet):
Gently move the brush back and forth between teeth to remove plaque and clean below the gum line. The tapered stem is designed to fit a range of interdental spaces. However, do not force into very tight gaps.

My review:
This is good when you've eaten something light and foods which are not prone to getting stuck between your teeth.
However, if you're eating foods such as corn on the cob, these will be useless! Also, as the directions say, these cannot be forced into very tight gaps (unlike dental floss) it makes it less effective.
It's easy to use, flexible and gentle. However, it doesn't do the job as well as normal I think I'll stick with the floss on handle.

I haven't seen this in any stores as of yet! Order them online if you want them ;)


Parisienne by YSL

When I first smelt it, strangely enough, I liked it! Now that I have it...I don't feel quite the same about its scent. This is very mature for my age - very heavy and floral. I'd say this would be most suited for women who're at least 30 years old.

But I'm very disappointed I didn't end up liking this again =( I really really wanted to like this! Ugh... It's called 'Parisienne' too - what a name! YSL should have saved it for another 'younger' smelling perfume. I definitely didn't imagine this is what 'Parisiennes' smelt of hah =P
So I'll be using this perfume for evening wear and formal occasions.

I'm absolutely admiring the bottle though. Simply made yet it feels can tell that it's made with care =) Very chic design and feel... I just like holding fits perfectly on the palm of your hand.

Shame about the scent...>.<...
Maybe you'll love it! =D Don't let this put you off... check it out for yourself.

Available at all good department stores.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

~ A time to Reflect ~

I cannot help but to reflect the purpose of life from time to time. Most of us believe that life is a test and we are all here for a reason.

Life is beautiful and precious for many of us. But not for all. Sometimes we must step back and look around us - avoid being engulfed in our shells. In this day and age, it is very easy to always compare oneself to people who have more, to compete with them, to feel envy towards them and to be hard on oneself for whatever reason. Instead, look at those below you. Think of those millions of people who don't have the basic things we might take for granted daily...whether it's food, shelter, our families, our friends. Be thankful instead for what you do have. Why waste your time venting on bad feelings, rather than feeling good, making use of your time and enjoying your life?

I feel that a lot of people are becoming more and more materialistic. And this is all well and fine. Except I see those who become too attached to materials... it is as if those objects sow happiness in them. What happens when the happiness blooms and fades? Admit it (!), most of us do have enough of any object after a while; whether it takes months or years. The fact is, a lot of us have become selfish with our wants and needs.

If, as a nation, we were less materialistic... as charitable as we are as a whole...we still are not combating poverty. I see so many people, for instance, avoid The Big Issue sellers. These are homeless people, making a living out of selling magazines for under £2. Just £2 from someone can provide a meal on their plate for the day. But many of us choose to ignore them and instead go off to department stores and spoil ourselves with things we can live without or go to Starbucks to get an indulging beverage. Have we become so immune to these things that we don't realise when we're actually being selfish?
Now, I'm not saying it is wrong to avoid them or charities, but I do think we have a moral duty in life. And I just picked an example there. We must not forget our morals, our values... for they play a huge part as to who we really are.

Whatever happened to the days where people were satisfied with simple things, such as feeling your husband's or wife's embrace, seeing your mother's or father's smile, knowing there's the warm comfortable bed we can look forward to every night, the knowledge that we won't go to sleep thirsty or hungry...

I must admit, I do like certain designer things (because I am fussy with quality), I do like technology and the latest gadgets, I like fashion (everything from beauty products, to accessories!)... but I can live without these easily. As much as they entertain me, they don't fill the void to my contentment and happiness. The only things that can fill in that void is knowing I have the most simple things in life and they don't cost a penny. As they say - money cannot buy happiness...this is absolutely true =)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Wish (Hit!) List

Military style boots

These boots will give an edge to any outfit. They're also comfortable and suit all weather conditions. So these are a must have for autumn especially, since it won't be as stuffy and humid. Ditch the ballerinas and pumps I say - get your boots and wellies out! The rain is back hah...! =P

EOS Lipbalm

These lip balms are just cute... egg shaped... imagine how fun it would be applying them. I have a collection of lip balms and they all pretty much look the same. So this is really cool... for a change. I heard that Urban Outfitters have them...but will need to check...

The Dark Side of Love by Rafik Schami

I cannot have enough of cultural genres. They take me to another world (I have a fascination with culture, countries and traditions). So I will be getting this! Would make a great autumn read...

Oral B 5000 Electric Toothbrush
I've been wanting an electric toothbrush for the longest time now (just as I want a camera!) and I'm still undecided on what to get...although this appeals to me. It just seems complete...has different brush heads. I like the idea of the timer too ;)

Tiffany Key Necklaces

This has been on my hit-list for a long time too.... I'm still undecided on what shaped key I want to get... it's got to be the second to last from the right vs the heart shaped (the heart's not featured here)...

Kenzo Flower Eau be Parfum/Toilette

This is another one of those casual non fussy perfumes I'd like to add to my list. It smells very fresh, powdery, floral...very feminine...

Chanel 5171 Bow Sunglasses

Perhaps I shall get this next year. I was planning on getting it this summer but seeing as the rain has arrived so unexpectedly and early... I think I'll just leave this off my hit-wish-list for the time being. But anyway I still posted this because I absolutely like this! I'm so fond of Chanel and Dior sunglasses. They tick all the right boxes for me - some of them that is. This one has a cute little bow at the sides...and I have a thing for bows =P
I'm uncertain about its seems a little huge...but apart from that...great in every way ;)

Heat by Beyonce

Now I smelt this perfume this week and it totally took me by surprise! I wasn't even keen on smelling it because was a celebrity fragrance... and so far...I've been disappointed by a lot of them! And secondly...the bottle looks very tacky!
Anyway when I smelt was very sweet....almost reminded me of Britney Spears' Fantasy, except it has its own twist to it... something different that I liked. And its name 'Heat' I think...portrays the scent well. At £20-£25 a bottle...this is a great casual everyday perfume.
I'm just a bit disappointed with the bottle. It could have carried off a nice perfume and made it look even better...

Casual Everyday Perfumes

When I'm going out and want to feel casual or when I go to my usual informal places, I like to wear something non fussy - reserve the elegant perfumes for an occasion, and use 'everyday' perfumes for...well...everyday =P...
I feel this way we can feel the part. If you wear the same perfume everywhere then it simply won't be as special; not to me anyway. Treat perfumes as you would treat your clothes.
Here are 2 of my usual perfumes I'm fond of spraying on...

Fantasy by Britney Spears

I don't usually like celebrity fragrances. I don't judge perfumes based on whose name is imprinted on it, but by its scent. I do think it's silly for a lot of celebrities to claim scents as their 'own' when they don't come up with the whole potion on their own. And for this reason, I don't think you can compare celebrity scents to designer ones - they simply will not be able to compare!
Celebrity fragrances I find, are usually very cheap scenting and horrid. So when I came across this perfume by Britney, I was taken off guard by how much I liked it! It smells simply pleasant. Very sweet scenting - think candies, bubble gum, sweet burst of floral, more sweet candies... it almost makes me feel like I'm lost in a candy shop. It's a simple mix of feel good sweet smelling scents. Sweet sweet.... is. So if you like sweet things, try this.
The price tag isn't bad too. At 15£-20£ for 30ml... great for everyday use!

8/10 (compared to other celebrity scents!)

DKNY (To Go)

This is concentrated on its citrus scents, such as....oranges...lemons...limes...ylang ylang...sandalwood...jasmine...what else? I find this appealing particularly during summers. On its first spray, it gives you a sharp burst of that crisp citrus smell, which then settles to a delightful fresh smell...
Price tag is £15-£20 for 30ml.


My favourite perfume...Miss Dior Cherie

I cannot say enough about this perfume. It's heavenly! Goodness...this is my all time favourite perfume and I have smelt hundreds of perfumes! No exaggeration =P
Miss Dior Cherie is very feminine, very sweet, innocent, full of life, suitable for all occassions, all ages, all moods...need I say more?
I won't try to describe this scent because it's very sophisticated... All I can say is...if you love sweet scenting or floral perfumes, you'll love this! It's not too sweet....yet also not too's just the right blend. Christian Dior are incredible in making perfume potions...!
And doesn't have that cheap and tacky sweet scent that a lot of perfumes have in common...this is unique and rich. You'll notice the difference the moment you spray it on. Try it and see for yourself. My staple perfume =) ! This is my first bottle and I'm almost half way...
The bottle is cute and matches the scent. The bow portraying innocence, femininity and elegance.
The price ranges from £45 - £50 + for 30 ml. So it is expensive, but so worth it...
I want to get the whole range of Miss Dior...perhaps I shall in future and blog them all here.


I captured these a while ago and thought I should post these...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar & The Love Soap

I know it's a little late blogging about these. The Christmas Eve Bubble Bar came out in the xmas season and the Love Soap was a Valentine's edition soap. But nontheless, I think these might just make a reappearance soon =P because they are very calming and likeable by everyone.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

This is ideal just before bedtime. The scent is soothing...use only half of the bubble bar...crumble it under running water and watch the water turn ocean the bubbles appear and increase... and the scent engulf the bathroom. It all ends with its scent lingering on your skin whilst you sleep..aahh ^-^
I'd describe the scent as floral (ylang ylang & jasmine), musky...very light and easy...
I hope Lush brings this back!


Love Soap

This is worth every penny...
Use this in the morning and you'll be smelling your skin for hours =P
It lathers up pretty well...although I would prefer it to lather up more...& it leaves the water red as you wash it off.
Smells a little citrusy and flowery...a little sweet...okay...I'm no good in describing this scent. But as I said...worth every penny...!
So if it makes a return to Lush...grab it and stock up =]


Alien by Theirry Mugler

I'm not fond of strong smelling perfumes. Occasionally, I'd be in the mood for them - usually in the evenings. Otherwise light - medium scents are more suiting.
However this perfume captivated me the moment I smelt its sample in the ELLE magazine. I'd say it's unique (you'd be able to distinguish this on its wearer because it doesn't resemble other perfumes in any way).
I absolutely like this - a lot! Though I do think, in my opinion, this is for women between the ages of late 20s - 30s (just giving you an idea on how mature it smells =P).
If you love Oudh based scents, this would be perfect...
Below you see 30ml & 60ml bottles, which came in a box, including a pouch and a funnel (used for refilling).
The 30ml is very handy - ideal for travelling - and the pouch is even more convincing.

Since perfumes have very complex scents...until I get used to describing scents...I shall, from time to time, use descriptions from other sites.
Below is a description of this perfume from The Perfume Shop:

Distinctive and mysterious, yet comforting and soft, Alien by Thierry Mugler conveys passion sensuality and the essence of absolute femininity.

A rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions.

A scent like no other it is irresistibly appealing and totally out of this world...

One thing I didn't like about this can be a teeny tiny bit oily! So it you spray too close to your skin and too much, it might leave a bit of oil residue. My tip: Rub it all over to avoid this ^.^
Good thing is...this stays for a long long time on your skin...several hours. And even longer on your clothes - several days for me! Because of this, I just love spraying some on my hair ;) just a little tip...

Get yours now at:
Or any other good department stores.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

MUA vs O.P.I Nail Polishes

I'm not fond of nail polishes, so I use them every now and again. The most annoying thing about them is the peeling off and the effort it takes to apply, beginning with the base coat, then the polish, and then...the hard coating...
So at the very least, we all want a nail polish that will last to pay off our efforts.

I've tried nailpolishes from Rimmel, Maybelline & Bourjois. Can't remember which models exactly. Perhaps I'll dig this up and blog it at some other point in the future (?).

For now, my 2 best nail polishes are MUA and O.P.I, for different reasons.


(Apologies, I forgot to test the ruby one...>.<)

At £1, this is a bargain!
There are more colours available other than these. My favourite has to be between the 1st and 4th colour (starting left). They both look solid (though might need more than one coating), neat, not so shiny...
Unfortunately, I'm just not loving the other colours as much. On application, I found them tacky, their colour wasn't as rich as it appeared to be. So my least favourite would have to be the 2nd and 3rd. I'm caught in the middle with the last's almost like a colourless nail varnish...
The good news is, these do stay for 7-10 days (or more if you're careful like me!). I have tried them without any base or top coat and achieved the same results.
So...overall...bargain price for a quality product.

Get yours now at:



O.P.I. is, I think, today's most popular and loved nail polish. And I can see why that is. Now, these are more expensive. This mini set was £10, at 3.75ml each.
What I like about these are the fact that they're easy to apply, they stay on for a week or more, they make your nails look more elegant (very sheer look and natural!). Moreover, it doesn't lose it's appearance after a week or stays almost as if you had just applied it.

Available at all good drugstores or salons.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blanx Whitening Toothpaste

I wanted to try out a new toothpaste, so I got Blanx: Advanced Whitening. Now, compared to other toothpastes, this is slightly costlier, retailing at approximately (if I remember!) £8. But look out for offers, such as in Boots, who sometimes have the occasional 3 for 2 deals.

I can't write my review on this as of yet, but will update. I have just started using this and it's very soothing, minty, doesn't hurt sensitive teeth.
To use, you have to push down the top and off comes the toothpaste easily. I'm not sure if I like this idea because I have a feeling not all the toothpaste will be used up and unlike those which come in won't be able to squeeze it all out!

This is the box it came in...(I laid it out flat. It is more presentable than this!)

And below is the toothpaste...

Inside the box, it has a strip of paper called the 'Blanxometer', used to measure your teeth's whiteness against the spectrum, which, I think is a great idea. If you're into whitening, you can mark off your 'before' and 'after' on the strip - see what difference a whole toothpaste can make.

I really like the ingredients! This is what explains the costly price tag...
Its ingredients are derived from the natural Arctic Lichen, which whiten teeth without damaging the enamel.
It's non abrasive, whitens naturally, gets rid of your plaque, gets rid of bacteria...what more could you want?

Let's just see if it delivers its whitening promise...

Available at all good drugstores.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Yummy Lush Lip Scrubs

Being a Lush junkie, you'll see more Lush stuff being posted and reviewed on my blog...
Here we have the Bubble gum & Mint Julips Lip Scrubs.

The bubblegum smells exactly like bubblegum- no exaggeration - so would be great to use anytime. Mint Julips smells very minty-chocolatey - I like to use this mainly at nights due to the minty scent, which can be very relieving.
(If you liked the Snow Fairy Shower Gel at Lush, you'll definitely fall for the Bubblegum Scrub).

Used this a couple of times now. It scrubs and smoothes out your lips brilliantly, leaving it soft and erasing all the flakes! Plus....since this is made of real sugar, you can simply eat it off your lips...yum...

The only downside can be sticky and slighty messy!

There is also another Lip scrub called Sweet Lips, although I didn't end up liking the scent, but check it out ;)

[I'll start my feedback rating from now on].

Feedback Rating: 8/10

To get yours, go to:

Harajuku Lovers Solid Perfume

I'm a huge fan of the Harajuku Lovers perfume, so when I came across this solid perfume set at the Harrod's sale, I had to get one >.<
To use them, turn their heads gently and it slides to reveal the solid layer of perfume (as shown).

Looks: Cute, practical due to its small size, easily turns.
Smell: Very girly! I won't go through them all because more or less, I think, they smell the same yet unique in their own ways; some are a bit stronger than others. The sweet scent is very dominant...a few of them have that distinct coconut smell which will remind you of summer. I think this would suit all moods and occasions and all ages.
Ease of use: All you simply have to do is rub your finger on the solid perfume and rub them into where you want to. And they last a few hours... even after those few hours, you can smell them lingering. And you don't need to use up a these are great and handy!

I definitely recommend these. I don't see any downsides. I think these should still be available online so just google them and search - I'm not sure if they're limited editions so get them before they might run out!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Give in to a little more care for your teeth...

(Apologies for the blurred picture >.<)

These are the new chewable tablets to send those plaque to where they belong! A great and yummy way of detecting plaque and in return...clean hygienic teeth =)
I got these as a sample. Will use it and update this review.

Okay, here's my update:
Used as instructed. Didn't see any blue or red stains on my teeth, so I guess I did a good job at brushing =P. However, I would highly recommend to use this at night only! I'm glad I tried this just before bedtime. It left my entire mouth red and blue....So you get the idea why I'd avoid this in the morning...

At the back of this box it has the following:
Often colourless, and constantly forming, plaque bacteria need to be removed thoroughly and regularly to prevent dental problems. Plaqsearch contains advanced disclosing agents, that allows quick identification of problem areas for plaque. The two-tone colouring system differentiates new and old plaque.

Instructions for use: Brush teeth and, where necessary clean interdentally. Thouroughly chew one tablet and then rinse mouth. Examine all areas. Residual red stain indicates newer plaque, and blue stain older plaque that has been missed by previous brushing.

Children under 12 years must be supervised by an adult.
Caution: Stains! Avoid contact with clothes and furnishings.

Available at all good drugstores.

The Sex Bomb is Lush indeed

Behold.....the *Sex Bomb* from Lush!
With its sweet hint of bubble gum scent, followed by a whoosh of floral (and no, not the kinds of floral scents that will leave you with headaches). Smell some more and you can make out a burst of calming musk (if you've used white musk from the Body Shop, this is the smell!)
Bathe in it and it will fizz for 2-3 minutes, leaving a mini rose behind, floating on you...
One of my favourite bath bombs.... worth every penny!

Recommended for going out on occasions as this lingers on your skin for a long long while ;).

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