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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Clinique Bonus & Rituals

I got treated to some Clinique products...

I'm a HUGE long term loyal Clinique fan... I know I haven't been blogging about Clinique as much as I have been blogging about Lush; however....if I had to choose whether to give up one of the two (sorry Lush) it would have to be Lush! Yes... that is how amazing Clinique is to me.

I will blog about more of their products in future =)

House of Fraser held their Clinique bonus which consisted of the following...

These are the products bought (not the bonus!). I switch between Clarifying Lotions 2 & 3 depending on seasons. I won't review these now... I plan to blog about Clinique products properly (I'm thinking about reviewing each product individually).

Let's just say...I simply cannot start my day without their Clarifying Lotion.

Clinique's Bonus was presented in a pretty box (however, I was disappointed they did not give away any mini bags...they sometimes do this - but it depends on the store; each store has its own bonus).

The contents of the Bonus...

I have tried Clinique's airbrush concealer before. To keep it short: I wouldn't recommend this. I prefer MAC's or Bobbi Brown's concealer.
Also, this concealer is for fair skin tones only (so keep this in mind in case you're going for this bonus!)

All About Eyes (again, I shall review this at a future post) is an amazing under-eye moisturiser. It keeps the delicate area smooth & soft.

Deep Comfort Body Wash & Body Lotion moisturises very well. However, I wouldn't say they are anything more special compared to other 'more reasonably priced' lotions in the market.

I use this sometimes...Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser is another amazing skincare range. Leaves your face feeling squeaky clean....!

Apart from Clinique's 3 step Skin care products, its Moisture Surge remain my favourite all time product! It works wonders. Again... I'll blog about this separately too in a future post so keep a look out.

I got this sample for free. It's a full sized product too.
Rituals' Foaming Shower Gel -Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil smells amazing!
This is initially a gel like liquid which transforms into foam in contact with water. What I do like about this is... it foams up and lathers very well!
However, one thing I wasn't sure of is its smell. It smells amazing! Though.... sometimes I feel that the scent doesn't stay on for as long as I'd hope for...

As it promises: it leaves a silky soft feeling.

Covent Garden gets Festive =D

Covent Garden felt like a cosy festive village with its own unique Christmas decorations. A must see during a night out this season!

I cannot get enough of Covent Garden's atmosphere - it's always lively, cheerful & entertaining. I hope they don't modernise this place more because it preserves the culture of London very well!

Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer - you can't see the red nose from this picture =P

Inside the main square... Pretty or what!?

A Christmas tree just outside the square with its colourful changing lights.

A mistletoe - People were actually queuing up to go under it! The number to the left '4161' represents the number of people who have been under it...

Look above.... some Candy Canes!

My favourite part of the main square - I like listening to violins & operas here ... simply cheerful... and relaxing!

The only thing lacking is a fireplace...!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Westfield Sparkles!

Yesterday I visited Westfield at White City, Shepherd's Bush. It boasted magnificent festive lights, a jolly crowd, cheerful atmosphere ....
My visit there was short lived...So all the pictures you'll see below are captured within 10 minutes or less (!)

-Enjoy browsing through them!-

Approaching the shopping mall from the tube station...

Displaying beautiful arrays of festive lights. Like the design and colours used (much better than Oxford & Regent Street...who used the same Xmas display lights over 2-3 years now >.>).

Inside one of the shops.

I spotted my favourite festive treat of the season (toffee nut aside =P)... the Panettone (Italian dessert cake thing)! This was inside Waitrose.

Different varieties of Panettones inside Waitrose were displayed.

A section of Westfield outside decorated with illuminating snowflakes (I think this was my favourite decorations/lights because it was so serene and breathtaking...yet also so simple).

Inside Westfield - it was like being in an igloo with all the white decorations and lights.

Can't remember the name of this shop but I liked the numerous Singer machines they used for their display. Very vintage!

I know this is potentially useless...but wouldn't you just love one of these in your room? =P

The Village is filled with designer shops, featuring all the well known names you can think of.

I spotted one of my favourite restaurants - Jom Makan! Picture is blurry because I was in a rush.

And a horrible exit at the end of the day - opting for the tube was a bad idea. The crowd was annoying. I simply cannot stand this kind of atmosphere...

Thursday, 18 November 2010

' Some of my Holy Grails ... ,

After many long stressful days (therefore my empty blog posts >.>), I decided to treat myself to one of the new Magnum ice creams at 1.30 a.m. in the morning...only to wake up with a sore throat. Goodness did this tempt me...

Temptation Chocolate is so rich, yummy, plus it has brownies in it to add to the flavour. What I also liked was the packaging - see for yourself...

Starbucks' Toffee Nut Flavour Syrup

In one my my recent posts (here!), I wrote about how I wish there was a Toffee Nut syrup.....well....I found it!!
I'm starting off my 'Holy Grails' beginning with this syrup because I just couldn't believe Starbucks had it =D I'm so excited! I shall be carrying this with me and pouring it into my coffee beverages...mmmm... (thank you Starbucks =P)

{All 'Holy Grails' are in no particular order}

Lush's Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel

This shower gel is no longer being sold in Lush. For whatever reason, Lush decided to stop producing this product =(. I was disappointed because this remains one of my favourite shower gels. For that reason I stocked up on it in the summer. Made with fresh strawberries and fresh uplifting scents, this will forever remind me of spring and summer times....I almost want to make a Strawberry smoothie just smelling this!

Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Liners

After a lot of trial and error with eye liners, I can finally rest satisfied with Bobbi Brown's liners! I got this set 2 years ago in British Airway's flight. The black pot lasted 2 years! The brown one has barely been used =P so I'm very impressed with not just the quality of this product, but also the value and how long they last for.

Included was a mini brush.

From left to right: The Sepia Ink & Black Ink gel liners.

After the black ink ran out, I had to make a decision of whether I'll get another pot to replace it or try out Shu Uemura's black pots (which I have heard a lot of good reviews on). In the end, I settled for Bobbi Brown's...yes...I'm that satisfied with it! So I ordered it from House of Fraser =)

I am so into this black colour (2 years on!). It's solid and matte (I'm very fond of matte =P all is matte with me). It stays on for the whole day... come rain or shine, you can rely on these. What else is there to be said?

Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Orange 53

Around spring time this year, I paid a visit to Shu Uemura's store and a make up artist recommended this product. It's used for cheeks...although also recommended for use on eyelids. And this is exactly what I did - and stuck to since then!
I like the subtle colour of this. I think it would suit medium - dark skin tones because it'll really help bring the orange colour out. You can control its light/darkness depending on how much of it you use.
What I like doing is to blend this in gently and create a slightly dark outer lid for an effect.

Takes only seconds to apply!

I like mostly eye make up and minimal...

Oh and the brush shown above is a MAC brush (not sure about the actual name...).

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

I've had this gloss for just under 5 years now. It's a mini version of the actual ultra gloss.
I absolutely would get another one of these. It smells like candy (almost like Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume...) and the colour is so light and peachy - again, minimal =).

Karma Solid Perfume by Lush

This is a handy solid perfume. It's so convenient; can be stored almost anywhere, although I prefer to put this in my pocket before use in winters, to warm it up (for ease of use =P).
I'm a huge fan of the Karma scent from Lush, so this perfume is a bonus from Lush!

Rub it in areas where you would spray on perfumes. It works like magic =).

Ciate Paint Pots

After Marie Claire offered a free paint pot (I blogged about it here), I was so convinced to get a few more Ciate Paint Pots ... and the discount from Marie Claire coupled with this set already being on sale tempted me further... (how could I resist? >.<).

My favourite nail polish at the moment!

The packaging is so girly. I ordered it from their main site and it was delivered promptly!

My full set of Ciate Paint Pots Collection. Chic designs & shape (don't you just like the ribbons?)!

Almond Milk Body Lotion by the Body Shop

FINALLY, my last but not least (don't you just hate that phrase =P haha) 'Holy Grail' product is the Almond Milk Body Lotion.

I'm so into this product because I'm not a fan of over moisturising products. From experience, they can be a nuisance!
So I found this Milk Body Lotion and I'm glad I found it because this smells great! I'm sure the coconut version would smell even better. Also, this is almost like bathing your skin in almond 'milk' - that is the consistency of the lotion. And this is the most important & remarkable thing about it for me ... the fact that it feels like putting milk on your skin, the product then sinks into your skin almost immediately...leaving you with a matte looking moisturised skin...

Oh and also, it's spray pump makes it so easy to use ... !

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