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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Dress

Let me start off by saying..... WOW....!

The wedding dress everyone has been waiting to see has been unveiled today. That's the main reason I tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding. Thinking I would only watch a few minutes of it, I actually watched the whole ceremony more or less.
I'm not one of those people who get over-hyped over these events, but I did want to see the dress in all its glory throughout the event. I've never watched a Royal wedding before and I was certainly amazed and impressed at how it all turned out.
The dress is perfect, flawless, amazing...I think it satisfied just about everyone curiously imagining what the dress would be like.

It's no surprise that Karl Lagerfed, Bruce Oldfield, Hubert de Givenchy and Christian Lacroix have already given two thumbs up to the dress.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

London is certainly excited over the Royal Wedding.
I've captured some of the hype around this upcoming ceremony around London. See them for yourself as you scroll down ^.^

Visit the official site of the wedding here.
If you want to watch it on the big day - Youtube is an option as it will be streaming the procession live. Visit the channel here.

Pretty purple bow...!

And even these...-.-

Source: Millie's Cookies Email Newsletter

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Product of the Year (So Far...!)

The product of the year so far goes to... Aromaco from Lush. *small applause*

I've always wanted to try out Lush's solid deodorants but was too reluctant to give it a go. However, in January, I was given a sample of Aromaco, which I blogged about here. I can't believe I still haven't finished the sample! I'm down to the last remaining morsel of it, which means that tiny block lasted around 2 months! Now, I think that's very good.

Here's how it actually looks like when bought, compared to its sample - not much difference of course -.-

On to the results...

Having heard the numerous news on the harmful effects of deodorants, I wanted to find an alternative that was safe to use, that was easy to apply, and that actually worked!
Aromaco ticked all those boxes and more. Lush has many good reviews on this, and I think this is their best seller for solid deodorants.

This is very easy to apply. Okay, so maybe not as easy as your normal roll-on or spray. You have to rub it on application, but it glides on so well and I didn't have a problem with it.
The scent could be better. I'd describe it as slightly herbal in a way. It does have a weird odour, but the good thing is you only notice this on application, so it is not at all overpowering in any way.
It's not oily, so there's no need to worry about greasiness.
It lasts the entire day and even longer! I'm so surprised by how long it lasts. It performs just as well, if not better, than deodorants in the market.
I have yet to test if it leaves any white marks - it would be a major bonus if it didn't leave any!

I highly recommend this product ^.^

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Clinique, LV, Kipling, My Dream Outfit {and a topic to think about}

Bored or have some spare time? Watch some of Louis Vuitton's cool features.

Source: LV Newsletter

Click here to select your option of:
- Sitting in the Front Row
- Watching the Show with Marc Jacobs
- Entering the Insider's Experience

I only watched the first one - 'sitting in the front row' - it's pretty cool! You can click and drag the video in any direction for a whole 12 minutes as the catwalk is on. Okay, so of course it can't compare as to actually being there, but I think it's a fun feature! ^.^


All Clinique fans - have a look at this wonderful bonus! All non-Clinique fans - I recommend you to start your 3 step skin care. Get the skin care products and receive this bonus (below) free.
You won't regret it!
Only thing is the fact that it is in Harrods only. But I think it is worth the trip =P.

Source: Metro Newspaper

I'm liking these cute monkey key chains by Kipling! Just in time before the royal wedding =P. I'm a huge fan of Kipling. Their quality is amazing. And I think at £10, these are reasonably priced!

Source: Kipling's Newsletter and Kipling's Website


My Dream Outfit this season would be the following...
I'd find an excuse to wear this, even if my only excuse is to wear it at home (haha! No, but really, if it wasn't for the heavy price tags, I'd get those!). It's just so pretty!! ^.^
I like the bow combinations. The Chanel sunglasses and the Hobbs dress fit so well together!
I refer to these Chanel sunglasses as the 'inverted tuxedo' because that is what they seem like to me.
I think the trickiest thing would be finding layers to go with the dress without ruining the look!


I leave you with a topic to think about..........

In my post titled 'End of a Day's Ramblings' , I wrote about why modesty is essential. I wrote about my thoughts on a BBC article called 'Why do men shout at women on the streets?'. This BBC article had enormous amounts of responses and led to another related article called ' Is it OK to compliment a stranger?'. This focuses on (unsurprisingly) men complimenting women on the streets. It has divided opinions on the subject as you'll find out once you read it.
My opinion on it is clear. My post before reflects this =). But to make it clear - of course, it is not okay to compliment. We must all be lowering our gazes and not be lusting. And we must also all be playing our parts to help others lower their gazes by dressing appropriately.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Friendship So Close - Yet So Far Away.

I had many friends throughout the years. But as time went by, some drifted away. Some, I haven't heard from again. Others have chosen their own path in life and when we meet by chance, it's only a casual greeting that we can afford to make.
And then there are the few close friends who have stuck by me, just as I have stuck by them. The few closest friends I have, also went through the same situation, yet managed to keep our friendship strong and fertile.
What sometimes saddens me is how busy all our lives are, and the fact that, no matter how close you live from your closest of friends, you're still likely to see them once every few odd months. At least in my life, that is the case. I have a busy life myself and I know how it is for them. So, whenever I do have the spare time to meet up with my close friends, I cherish it and I spend it wisely - catching up on everything and anything.
I cherish all my friendships and I'm so thankful to have the few close amazing friends.

One of my closest friends recently took me to Thai Square for lunch. I haven't seen them for a few months now. This is the same person who made these beautiful handmade jewelleries here.
This post is dedicated to some of the things I've been given today during our outing.

A loveable toy - I don't remember its name but it's adorable!

This was handmade. Just in my type of colour too - peachy/light pink. It reminds me of pearls. I think this is so creative...!

A handmade phone charm. I like the colour and the cake at the end.

A handmade bracelet. I like silver. This is so well made and has beautiful little charms. A small piece of friendship charm ^.^

Phone charms - Minnie Mouse themed.

And finally.... this amazing handbag by Yumi!
I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'm absolutely liking this! ^.^

Lunch at Thai Square

A close friend of mine treated me to lunch at Thai Square. It was my first visit there. I was impressed. I'd go again and I definitely recommend. The food is of good quality and the amount is just enough. The atmosphere is friendly, relaxed; the room is well lit.

I've never been fond of iced teas. But this iced tea convinced me otherwise. At first glance, it doesn't appear yummy. My friend did say it usually appears as a lighter browner colour.
It turned out to be, by far, the best iced tea I've tasted =)

I ordered the Pad Thai noodles. This was so delicious. The amount was satisfying. It wasn't greasy. Everything about it was just right in proportions.

I saw some interesting puppets at the counter. One of them was this.

Then we headed to the girliest shops in town, with decors and colours that makes one squeal. See them for yourself. ^.^

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