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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

 Since my last perfume related post, my scent collection has not stopped growing. I am obessed as ever with scents and keep up to date with new perfumes.

Black XS by Paco Rabanne was a perfume I got last year in December and I totally forgot to blog about this but still had the saved pictures, so I thought why not blog about it now? 

Black XS at first seemed like a very mature version of Britney Spears' original Fantasy perfume. Actually they are not similar in many ways but both have a very distinctive sweetness to them which linked the two for me.

Black XS is a sweet potion but for those of you who might not be too fond of overly sweet scents, this might be a good perfume because the sweetness is almost masked by musk and liquorice? I can't quite tell what the heavy scents are. The amazing thing is that they mask the sweet scent so gently so as to achieve a wonderful balance. And because of this it is mysterious, as portrayed by its bottle's design.
Definitely an evening wear to me. And I wouldn't wear this in hot weather as it might be overpowering.

It lasts a fair amount of time, 3-4 hours until a re-application is needed. To me that is one of the disadvantages. But then again, this is an Eau de Toilette. Sadly, they don't do Eau de Parfums.

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