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Thursday, 6 September 2012

My baking disaster

This was my first ever attempt to make a biscuit known as the Napolitaines. It all started out well. Ingredients laid out in order. Recipe to one side, read and re-read. Equipments out, polished, clean, each one on the kitchen counter.

I used this to shape out my cookies.

And this is where the disaster happened. At the final stage of the recipe. I used either the wrong type of food colouring or I used too much of it (although I only used 2-4 drops per half cup!). It tasted bitter and very very strange, leaving me with no choice but to scrape off the already set icing sugar.
It is also the first time I have used food colouring, so perhaps my lack of inexperience shows here.

Also I just about made the dough well so it attained the right consistency, not too sticky and not too crumbly so it breaks away as it is rolled.

And so because of this, I won't be putting up where I got the recipe for this on here as I don't think it's a great recipe to use. Certainly would not recommend it. I will make this again and next time I will get it right! And then, I will put the recipe up on here to share with you all.

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