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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Latest Oil Collection from The Body Shop

Hi Everyone! =)

So here goes my first post on my first ever blog!
I will try to keep my blog as short and detailed as possible to prevent any boredom and maintain your engagement.

The picture shows some of the new collection of oils from The Body Shop (from left to right):

- Vanilla & Tonka Bean
My favourite. Almost caramel like on first whiff. Balanced vanilla and tonka bean scents. Light. Perfect for summer. Will also warm your winter days. Do not use if hungry (!)

- Pomegranate & Raspberry
Strong sweet scenting blend of tropical fruits. Can smell hints of blackcurrant and citrus. If you want to be awake, use this.

- Exotic
Overpowering scent. I smell oranges, citrus, mangoes...a bit of every fruit..which abides by its name. Exotic, it is. Recommended for summer and spring.

- Mandarin & Tangelo
Mandarin, orange and citrus fruit lovers will cherish this oil. Great for any occasion. If you have to get one oil, get this.

- Aloe & Soft Linen
Light scented. Reminds me of washing machine clothes conditioner (perhaps it's the Soft Linen!). To give your room a fresh breeze, this is your oil.

- Jasmine & White Fragipani
Anyone who loves Jasmine based fragrances or Jasmine tea will love this. Will relax you and put you to sleep. Burn this and sip some Jasmine tea if you have trouble sleeping.

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