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Friday, 20 May 2011

Library Scribbles

On my recent trip to the library, I discovered some scribbles left from people. They were of all sorts. Some were childish, some were stupid, some were encouraging, some were just too offensive to take a picture of and post them here. But whilst I was revising, they kept me entertained...all the while, they also made me think of what people thought of...

Equipped with my usual books and my phone ^.^

This was a funny one (haha!).

Just when I thought people stopped doing this! I remember back in the days when people would make a mess of the toilet walls writing '[NAME] woz ere' and my reaction always stayed the same. That was ---> -.- ........

This one read 'Do you really have time reading this?'
Well turns out I do, anonymous person.

This one reads, 'Do you love me?', followed by, 'Yes.' Suspiciously seems to be written by the same person. Hah.

I liked this one! Just what I needed to see amidst all the childish and insulting comments that I didn't capture.

This isn't too hopeful and brings all sorts of negative feelings. Keep it to yourself, anonymous >.< people are trying to revise and lift their spirits and pass exams!

I hate exams too, don't we all?

Thought provoking comment here.

Studying Mathematics and being the nerd that I sometimes am...this is my favourite scribble!

Now this is just vandalism ... terrible, is it not!

Is this how bored people can get in the library?
I guess so - me thinks.


ʝusᴛ❤ʝᴇss said...

LOL! Love this xDD
I rembmer in jr. high if we wrote on the desks we'd get detention :P

Ebanehita said...

love the square root comment haha

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

These are awesome!
I agree with you on the woz ere' lines, they were everywhere back in the days!

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@ Just Jess: I wished my school gave detention back in the days, so people learnt not to scribble! =P This should be made a school rule in all schools.

@ Ebanehita: =D it is a smart one. I think all geeks/nerds will certainly find it appealing haha.

@ Smiley: Thanks =D. Now, I am actually curious as to who started the whole 'Woz ere' comment. I sighed every time I saw that and its spelling and tone sometimes irritated me (lol! -.-)

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