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Monday, 16 May 2011

The Butterfly Award

Yet again, another very late post. My head is screaming the following: I am drowning. Barely hanging on. The pressure is high. The time is ticking. I have a burden of work on my back. I have a deadline today. A test tomorrow. Another huge deadline the day after. And then more deadlines. Remind me what day is it today - wow - is it really a Monday? You can guess I didn't have much of a weekend. Hah..!

After the continuous stressful days that I have been facing, I have been counting down the days left till my freedom (3 weeks to go!).
In the midst of all the chaos, I'm so happy when I found out I won the following award: The Butterfly Award, passed on to me by the wonderful rosewater. Thank you! =D This really brightened up my week. And then the lovely Bitten gave the award to me. Yay ^.^ Thank you! Am I gushing or what? =P
The very late post on this was due to me not wanting to rush this post.
The blogs I will pass this award on to are the following (I know some of the featured blogs might have already been awarded!):
1) Mahira Loves Photography - for the inspiring photos and originality.
2) Notes & Cupcakes - for the cute, sweet notes and pictures. Chic blog!
3) Starry-Eyed - I feel like I can relate to so many of her posts. I like the variety and warm personal touch of her blog. I also like how direct and frank she is with her opinions.
4) Inlovewiththearabicworld - This is another blog I can relate to. I like the posts especially relating to the current affairs in our world and learning her viewpoints in many aspects of life.

I would award more blogs with this award, as soo many of you rightly deserve it too. There are a lot of cool blogs out there =)

So, something about me now...
I realise that may of you think/know that my blog is less personal compared to other blogs. I've always been personal with almost everything and reserved. But having this said, I feel like I can express myself the way I want to, as the way I am, in my blog. In person, I'm quiet and reserved - you'd be surprised! =P

A little something about me is as follows:
I am in my final year, studying pure Mathematics. This is why I have been extremely busy recently (and I still am). I have barely been holding on for the past few years (but Alhamdulilah, I have managed to get this far and just for that, I am very thankful). I'm no Mathematician, that's for sure. I put myself into the category of people who have to work very hard to acheive a good enough result, in contrast to people who are born with a talent in this subject and who know it all with little effort. I share a love-hate relationship with Mathematics - at the moment I am absolutely hating it!! =( Grr...

So there you go! =P


bosnishmuslima said...

My dear, that's so nice of you to give me the award. As you probably know I got it already but nevertheless I am really happy that you choosed me <3

As for your struggling right now, it sounds really hard! Inshaallah soon all will be over, stay strong ;)

Math? Really? Wouldn't imagine someone like you, so creative and emotional to study such a rational and factual subject ;)
Respect! Wish you much patience and luck for your exams!


[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Congrats on the award!
Its that awful time of the year where everyone is just drowning in revision notes or approaching deadlines.
Best of luck with it all!

Beyond Timid said...

Congrats; I've been viewing your blog for quite some time now. You totally deserved it.

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@ bosnishmuslima: you truly deserve the award =P. Thank you for your comment and good wishes =D!! I didn't know I'd choose the subject either, but my fate has chosen it for me along the way ^.^

@Smiley: Thank you!! I need all the luck =P as I'm seriously burdened with revision - I've seen other bloggers who are also in the same position.

@Beyond Timid: Thank you! ^.^ I hope to create more interesting posts soon enough and be back to normal at blogger. =)

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