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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Twinings Tea Box & Bvlgari's Jasmin Noir

Was it really a month ago since I last posted? Just about... and I can't believe it. Every couple of days I tell myself today I am going to post something! But then something comes up and my schedule is filled. Who would have thought life after university would be just as busy? 

I apologise in advance if my posts are not as detailed and not as 'great' as my other posts. I used to spend more time with my posts but nowadays I am far too busy, so as I said in my posts earlier, I will let the pictures do more of the talking. I'll rate, I'll recommend and I'll show you my latest finds. I hope you'll enjoy them ^.^

So two things I discovered a few months ago. 
Firstly, this Twinings tea box. Goodness, is it not so cute? They had other sizes too, the largest one I believe is covered in velvet. It is exquisite. I got the smallest size because I have no room to store a huge tea box and I love its petite-ness. Now everytime I'm at a tea place, I get a couple of tea bags so that I can put them in this tea box. 
Think of a jewellery box for tea.... !

And then I found these Bvlgari fragrances a couple of months back, or let's just say they found me. From the first time I sprayed it on, I told myself... One day I am going to have that and I am going to start saving for it from now because they are so so amazing. And so I ended up getting it.
I LOVE Jasmine scents. They are so beautiful, so mysterious and mature. When the shop assistant told me that Bvlgari made this to resemble Jasmin Noir (Black Jasmine) because there are no Black Jasmin flowers.... I suddenly realised what a perfect fragrance this was and what a creation this is from Bvlgari...! Because the name of the perfume describes the scent so well. This is a Jasmine perfume with a twist. I have smelt so many Jasmine scents but none resembles these two perfumes. They really are fragrances made from a jeweller. It's so rich, so elegant and this is now my favourite evening scent.

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