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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Diane von Furstenberg EDP - Pure Class

I am in awe yet again of another scent. 
Hear my story on this beautiful captivating fragrance.
 Let me introduce the Diane von Furstenberg eau de parfum - my autumn/winter potion.

I first noticed this on display at a department store and because I haven't seen it before I decided to sample it on a clean crisp strip of paper. Looking at the bottle itself, I wasn't sure what to expect. When a bottle is in a simple form like this, it tells me a message. A message that the price you are paying for and the quality you will expect is not to do with the bottle but the fragrance contained in it. So I was curious. When I first smelt this however, I was repulsed. Yes, that's right. I immediately made up my mind that it was a horrible perfume targeted at much older women, certainly not below 50 years of age perhaps. I moved on to the next set of perfumes to test.

However, on another occasion I decided to give this another try. This time on my skin. Again, the first impressions left me repulsed. I quickly wiped it off on the sleeve of my coat. An hour later the base notes sunk in and I was entranced. I was so so surprised because the smell was immaculate. No exaggeration there. I was gripped. The scent on the sleeve of my jacket remained for an entire day, maybe even more. On my skin it settled so nicely, I couldn't stop smelling myself (haha)

So anyway, that left me puzzled. I wanted to test it again to make sure it really was the perfume I sprayed on. I made my way to the department store, sampled it the same way I did, on my skin and on the sleeve of my coat. Waited for the notes to work their magic. Waited. And waited. And there it was. The scent that captivated me.

If you like Chanel No.5 scents, you will most likely love this. I don't think this scent is for everyone. I definitely think this is a mature scent. It is a scent that I have learned to love and I am in awe. I am now liking its top notes and middle notes too! I cannot wait to spray this on every morning and at the end of the day, I don't even need a re-spray because this perfume stays on for a long long time.

So that is my story of my Diane von Furstenberg perfume =)

I got this refill spray from a friend. So handy for when you want to top up and fits in just about any handbag!

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Teresa said...

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