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Friday, 25 March 2011

End of a Day's Ramblings

After another busy week, I've slumped on my chair and before I could get up to make some tea, I managed to stumble on to some of these findings, so I thought I'd share them with you all.

' Why Modesty is Essential... ,

So, I was reading this article on the BBC, titled 'Why do men shout at women in the street?', and initially I thought, what a strange title. I could not immediately foretell what it was about.
The article happened to be about the many women who face harassment in their everyday life on the streets. From the whistling, to the the catcalling to even groping. It is not at all unusual. In fact, it is so big of a problem that there's finally an article on the BBC about it to highlight the increasing problem!

As one quote in the article rightly put it: "Culturally, men have been indoctrinated into it, and it's been a privilege for them to walk down the street fantasising about women. The culture hasn't checked the behaviour."

While I know there might be disagreements from some people on what I'm about to say, I also know that many of you might already agree with me. The fact is, a lot of men see women as sex objects. It is why, we sisters, have to take it upon ourselves to dress modestly and lower our gaze, whilst making sure we're doing all we can not to attract the wrong kinds of attentions in everything we do.

I also know that there will be the following arguments against and for these:
1) It is not the woman's fault for dressing how she wants to. Men have to control themselves.
Totally the wrong way to think about it!
If you are religious, what ever sect you may come from, I'm sure there are guidelines and rules clearly stating us all to be modest and dress in a way that will maintain your dignity and not reduce you to the level of an 'object'. In turn, we're also avoiding causing any temptations and helping men lower their gazes.
2) Some women actually like the attention they get. It makes them feel better about themselves.
Self-esteem is an important part of developing yourself and achieving happiness. But in my opinion, if you need the attention and crave for compliments from strangers, this is simply not going to feed your self-esteem in the long term.

I also saw this article on the Metro this week.
A few adverts demeaning women were taken down after a few people complained about it.
' The adverts had two photos – one of three girls in a nightclub and another of a woman in a yellow bikini – and stated: ‘Awesome views.’ '

I was reminded of this advert I saw on TV about a new POM drink. It was launched a few months ago. I cropped the picture below as I thought it was inappropriate (the woman is completely nude apart from a snake covering her 'parts').
My immediate thought was, what does this drink have to do with a woman?
The company 'smartly' played it out well, by letting the woman act out 'Eve', almost in a way to glamorise the drink & find an excuse for her nudity.
This is just one of the many ads out there using women to sell things; be it a car, butter, anti-perspirant, you name it!


What do you think?


Earthquake in Burma


Like in my previous post on Japan's earthquake, a picture like this never fails to bring chills tingling down my spine. To think of the very foundations of the ground underneath us being cracked as if it were an egg's shell makes me also feel humbled by reminding us that whilst we are building the world around us, we are not the makers of the universe. Disasters such as these are beyond our control. It is a reminder that sooner or later, we will all lose our possessions, our youth, our jobs.
This world is only temporary. So be humble. Be thankful for what you have. Count your blessings.
And let us pray for the people affected by these disasters and also those facing civil wars.


' Jacob Barnett ... ,

A 12-year old prodigy with an IQ higher than Einstein, teaches some pure Mathematics! Professors and lecturers are apparently already planning to prepare him for a PHD research role.
I'm one of the many people intrigued by Mathematics and I was amazed at how clearly he explains all the steps.
If you happen to know what he's talking about, it'll be more fun to watch =P. You can tell he knows exactly what he's talking about!


Mrs. Handbag Addict said...

I agree with your post, modesty is necessary! A lot of people will argue about how the UK is a liberal place and modesty has no place in a Western society but look at the rate of convictions for rape cases and why the guys are let of... mostly because the judges are male and they use what the rape victim was wearing against her case =( Modesty is necessary to preserve both physical and emotional integrity in all societies, I just think it varies based on what is considered modest. A woman in the UK who was attacked lost her case because the judge told her that her very skinny jeans warranted that type of attention which just goes to show what guys think of female attire even though they're born and raised in the West!

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@Mrs. Handbag Addict: Thank you for sharing your opinion and commenting it =D !
And you're right about the case of rape victims. I can't count the number of news articles I read about that. But I didn't know about the case of the skinny jeans! I think this is why we should all try to keep these things in mind when wearing clothes : how revealing it is, its 'tightness', how translucent/transparent it might be and how attractive it can appear (especially to other people).

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