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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Clinique, LV, Kipling, My Dream Outfit {and a topic to think about}

Bored or have some spare time? Watch some of Louis Vuitton's cool features.

Source: LV Newsletter

Click here to select your option of:
- Sitting in the Front Row
- Watching the Show with Marc Jacobs
- Entering the Insider's Experience

I only watched the first one - 'sitting in the front row' - it's pretty cool! You can click and drag the video in any direction for a whole 12 minutes as the catwalk is on. Okay, so of course it can't compare as to actually being there, but I think it's a fun feature! ^.^


All Clinique fans - have a look at this wonderful bonus! All non-Clinique fans - I recommend you to start your 3 step skin care. Get the skin care products and receive this bonus (below) free.
You won't regret it!
Only thing is the fact that it is in Harrods only. But I think it is worth the trip =P.

Source: Metro Newspaper

I'm liking these cute monkey key chains by Kipling! Just in time before the royal wedding =P. I'm a huge fan of Kipling. Their quality is amazing. And I think at £10, these are reasonably priced!

Source: Kipling's Newsletter and Kipling's Website


My Dream Outfit this season would be the following...
I'd find an excuse to wear this, even if my only excuse is to wear it at home (haha! No, but really, if it wasn't for the heavy price tags, I'd get those!). It's just so pretty!! ^.^
I like the bow combinations. The Chanel sunglasses and the Hobbs dress fit so well together!
I refer to these Chanel sunglasses as the 'inverted tuxedo' because that is what they seem like to me.
I think the trickiest thing would be finding layers to go with the dress without ruining the look!


I leave you with a topic to think about..........

In my post titled 'End of a Day's Ramblings' , I wrote about why modesty is essential. I wrote about my thoughts on a BBC article called 'Why do men shout at women on the streets?'. This BBC article had enormous amounts of responses and led to another related article called ' Is it OK to compliment a stranger?'. This focuses on (unsurprisingly) men complimenting women on the streets. It has divided opinions on the subject as you'll find out once you read it.
My opinion on it is clear. My post before reflects this =). But to make it clear - of course, it is not okay to compliment. We must all be lowering our gazes and not be lusting. And we must also all be playing our parts to help others lower their gazes by dressing appropriately.

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