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Friday, 8 April 2011

My First Blog Award (& Updates)

I wanted to post this much earlier, but this week has been so hectic for me. I've had crazy deadlines to adhere to. On some days, I crammed in a mere 3-4 hours of sleep. I'd work till my eyes were as dry as sandpaper and my back as as stiff as a tree trunk. No exaggeration. It has been a rough week, and there are more ahead.

So you might have noticed my lack of posts and commenting. Now you know why that is =P

I also thought I could make this post, regarding my first blog award quickly, but then I didn't want to rush my post. I always take my time to do things, as much as possible, especially over things I appreciate so much.

I am so glad for the fact that it's Friday today (and no, I don't need Rebecca Black to clarify that for me). I cannot wait to slump back and read through all the posts and also post even more things!

Now, back to the subject of this post... =)

Thank you to bosnishmuslima ^.^, who picked my blog as one of her 10 inspirational blogs.

I have a list of blogs which have inspired me in the past and continue to inspire me.
I'm not sure how this works - if I have to select 10 bloggers to pass this award on to, or a write a little post like this acknowledging this award. You can tell I've never won an award before (haha!) - which is true! This is the first award that was passed on to me =D

So, instead I thought, I'd write 5 random things related to myself.

1. If you have read my posts, then you will know this already. 2 of my obsessions are bows and fragrances. Put a pretty bow on anything and I'll probably like it. I love analysing scents over and over again. I want to master a perfume's scent. I can sometimes tell what fragrances people wear.

2. I can be a bit obsessive compulsive at times. For example, I have a pen holder where I need to have all the pens with their tips touching the bottom end of the holder; for pencils, their tip must point up so they don't become blunt. Anything else would be an inequilibrium for me. I like knowing everything is sorted and is kept that way. When arranging things, I more or less follow a structure.

3. I prefer classical music to all other types of music, mainly because there are no jibberish lyrics in them. Even more, I prefer classical music with no singing involved, just pure soothing music...

4. Everywhere I go, I usually take a snapshot of different scenes I want to capture in my head. Through that, I realised that there's beauty in everything around us. It teaches me to appreciate things more and see life from a different tangent.

5. A year ago, I had no idea what a blog was. I definitely didn't think I'd be blogging a year on and still continue to. A month into joining the blogosphere, I came across so many cool inspirational individuals. I'm so thankful to have the followers I do and I shall continue to blog, blog and blog.... ^.^

Now, if my laptop's battery permits me, another post might just follow this =P
Or perhaps, I shall proceed on to catching up with all the posts I didn't read yet!

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