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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Happenings in the weeks since my last blog post...

I haven't posted in a long time, it almost feels weird to be blogging again, yet also so normal. Some of you might have been wondering where I have disappeared to for more than a month, seeing as I am what I'd classify as an (almost addicted >.< and ) frequent blogger, at least that is when I'm not overly busy.

I hope all of you reading this have had a good summer =) and to those of you who are fasting, Ramadhan Mubarak! I hope it is going well. It's just a few minutes till I break my fast, so I have decided to take some time out from my day and blog.


Since my last blog post, a lot of unexpected events happened. I'll mention 2 of the main events in this post.
I graduated last month, Alhamdulilah. The day was perfect, sunny, joyful and exactly what I imagined. I had no time to breathe before the event. Picking the right dress was a total nightmare because there are very few modest dresses out there. In the end, I chose this Davina2 dress from L.K.Bennett. It was tricky to layer but I managed ^.^

Yes, this is my hat =P. I had to buy it to treasure the memories. I have to say...I am so impressed with how the Canon 7D captured mid-air shots of my hat!

But the same month, last month, unexpectedly, I began moving out of my house having found another, not too far away from where I was. I am so thankful for being settled now. It was immensely stressful. Moving out took all of my energy. I had no idea how stressful it could be. From choosing sofas, to curtains to furnitures, to haggling for prices and comparing deals. The trips to Ikea and furniture shops seemed endless. The wait for delivery felt like I waited for months on end. And changing your address everywhere can be frustrating.
And just as I wanted to take a break and blog, I couldn't. I didn't have internet connection. It took almost 10 days to be up and running this month.

So yes. I have been running around...a lot! It has been an exhausting few weeks ever since I came back from Rome. I did not even have time to look through my Rome pictures over the month... I only managed to last week! I will be short-listing some of the pictures and I will make that long-due blog post =)

For now though, I leave you with some pictures from my new house featuring bits and pieces of random things around the place. I captured them today and it felt like such a long time since I held my digital camera, let alone upload them on here.

{My Room}

{End of my room}

A card from my lovely aunt beside a diffuser from the Body Shop (scent: Satsuma).

Dining table cover smoothered in apples.

A pile of traditional looking cushions (bought from Istanbul and Cyprus).

I chose these vintage looking tins for the essentials.

Dusting around the house is essential.

I picked this Tiffany style lamp shade from Homebase. I wanted the dining area to have a warm and chic atmosphere.

Lilac and cream coloured curtains

Bonsai Plant

I got this from Ikea. It is one of the coolest things I got from there.

What I might be having for dessert tonight, accompanied with some tea. I'm looking at the low fat chocolate, not the Maoams!

A meerkat solar powered light.

Watering the plants is another one of my chores.

Solar Light

I'm liking this striking red colour in these flowers.

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