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Friday, 19 August 2011

Rome Pictures

Here are the long awaited Rome pictures. It took me a while to decide which pictures to upload from the hundreds I captured.
Enjoy browsing through them! ^.^

About Rome...

Rome was amazing. I learnt so much from my trip there. I have never seen so much history in one place before, at least not in one of my journeys abroad. I was surprised at the lack of modern buildings and the preserved old buildings all over the city. I hope it stays that way because it really does feel like you're from another era once you're there. I loved the fact that it wasn't a modern city and it still had its old buildings, churches, food and traditions. I loved the fact that great care was taken to preserve most of the buildings containing arts and statues. I also loved how passionate the locals were about their food. Literally anywhere you go, you would find Italian food only, as opposed to more modernised cities where there's a range of foods all over the city from different cultures.
The weather was not too hot, but hot enough for me to buy an umbrella to shield from the sun's rays. There wasn't a day of rain, unlike in London!
I stayed at Sheraton hotel, which was excellent. I would choose the same hotel again, although if I do go to Rome again, I would opt for a more central location.

I could barely believe that this was my second visit to Rome. I could not remember my first visit...strangely enough! But this time, I am certain, I will be remembering each day of my visit to Rome. And one day, I hope to come back to this wonderful city.

Captured with the Canon 7D

A lot of chuches had immaculate amounts of art, like below.

I like these kind of food places. So summery and homely.

The umbrella I chose. It lasted long enough for me to bring it back home.

Balconies like this was a common sight.

If I remember correctly, I saw 4 newly married couples on my trip there (on different days). It seemed like tourists are familiar with wedding sightings too, as I heard a tourist say this on my first day there, 'Oh look, it's another wedding.' It was then I realised I will most likely be seeing more.

The Vatican
The church below is actually called St. Peter's Basilica. And the Vatican is the church and its surroundings - all of which is part of Vatican city.

Looking down from above St. Peter's Basilica. I took the lift because I did not want to climb hundreds of steps.

Mosaic works surrounded the top of the basilica.

And just when I thought I could escape the stairs...I had to climb hundreds of steps to reach the top of St. Peter's basilica. Not easy when the staircases were unpredictable. Some were steep and spiral, not to mention narrow!
But this view from the top told me it was well worth the effort. It looked like I was in the highest point of Rome. All the other buildings looked miniature-like. Being there was simply magical and breathtaking.

Fontana Trevi

I took a booked group tour here to absorb more of its history.

I was surprised to spot a Lush in one of the side streets. It had the same products as in the UK. The only difference was, of course, the names were all in Italian.

Sistine Chapel
The art was absolutely amazing. It will take you a long time to fully absorb everything because it looked like every inch of the chapel was covered in art.
I booked a tour for this and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I bought a large book exploring most of the arts in the Vatican. I cannot wait to read it.

The famous spiral staircase. This was still inside the museum (to the Sistine Chapel).

Taken with my digital camera...
At times, I simply was too tired to carry a heavy camera in the heat. So instead, I carried my lighter digital camera to take a break.

A little note to everyone of you, written on a wall full of scribbles ^.^ I tried to imitate a Comic Sans handwriting (with no success).

I then found a blank canvas to sign on!

Just before I left Rome, I see this cloud above me. See what it looks like yet? Italy!

The Food...
The food was delicious, delightful, satisfying and yet so simple. The food is one of the main things I miss about Rome. It has also sparked my interest in Italian cuisine. If you do visit Rome, do try their gelato! Do try their pizzas - try to find places where they weigh the pizzas as they are said to be more 'authentic'.

Funky salad

I got these olives from a local shop tucked in away from the main streets - best olives ever...!

My favourite food/treat there had to be the gelato, hands down! I have never seen so many flavours before in one place, all well presented.

I can't remember the name of this pizzeria, but this was the best pizza in Rome I've tasted on my trip there. I'm sure I noted down its name somewhere!



Mahira's Photography. said...

beautiful photos :) i can't wait till i get the chance to visit europe someday! :D

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

Thank you!
I cannot wait to see the pictures you will capture when you do visit Europe!

Ebsy Websy said...

Oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now you have my attention~! my two loves, fashion and foooddddddd!!! Esp european food, olives, cheese, pasta bread YUM!!

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@ Ebsy Websy: Fashion and food make a good fusion indeed =P Thanks for your comment!

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