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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Strawberry Tale

To take a break, I thought I'd make this post...

A few months ago, it was May and I got this free strawberry plant at an event. It was the first strawberry plant I saw and took care of. Who knew that strawberries form from beautiful flowers? Call me naive but I sure didn't!

May was the month of revision for me so I was incredibly stressed out and had the lowest morale ever. But since I got this plant, strangely enough, it boosted my morale and hopes. I watered it everyday and watched it grow daily in the rain and sun, night and day. So there we both were (almost sounds like I'm referring to the plant as a person ... hah!), both striving to achieve what we wanted.

I wanted to pass my exams and I worked hard to make sure I did. And the strawberry plant strived hard to bloom into beautiful flowers and form into yummy strawberries.

Because it was outside my window, we were not far from each other and anytime I wanted to de-stress or smile, I just looked over my shoulder to watch it.
At times I would take out my camera... here are some pictures I captured =)

8th May

22nd May

29th May

1st June

2nd June

10th June

17th June

22nd June

The most beautiful part of this is the fact that the strawberries formed fully the same week I finished my exams! Looks like we both achieved our goals.
Amazing or what! ^.^


rose water said...

Masha'Allah!! Over and over I am astonished of the beauty and detail Allah (swt) created. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. It is indeed amazing how the strawberries grow from those beautiful flowers. Subhan'Allah! :)
Take care.

B. Nightingale said...

Oh my God, that's the very first time I see the progression of a strawberry! ) very nice. Love your blog, and I just got introduced to LUSH recently! Love their products so much.

Anywayz, I've been marketing my story all over the place, writing is a hobby of mine.

The food photos you took in Rome are so yummy, can't wait until I travel there, soon hopefully.

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@ rose water: Thank you for your comment! I will never forget the first time I grew these strawberries, they are as you said, amazing! It'll never fail to mesmerize me =)

@ B.Nightingale: Thank you for your comment! It surprises me that strawberries are a common fruit (as least in the UK they are) yet a lot of people, me included, never actually wondered how they grew =P.
That's great you found Lush! =D I think more people should know about them as their products are very gentle, pampering (and yummy).
And thank you for the link to your blog, I'll be sure to check it out ^.^

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