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Friday, 12 October 2012

Cretan Olive Oil Farm

Guys, I told you I went to Crete a few weeks back and I will be uploading some pictures of my holiday there. I have selected to put up pictures specifically on the Cretan Olive Oil Farm  because this was like a mini treasure island for me. I was so excited to find the place, visit it and explore and then leave happily with a bag full of purchases.

Cretan Olive Oil farm is situated in Elounda, Crete and it is a homely shop, farm and garden producing authentic local products such as olive oil, olive soaps, pottery etc.

I am always in search of authentic products which are handmade and I like knowing where my items come from and how they are made. Here everything is laid out in front of you. Once you go to the farm, you're immediately welcomed by one of the friendly staff who take you to tour the place and inform you everything you need to know about their local products.

Take a look at the pictures!

This donkey is called Dora and she is soo adorable. I wanted to go back just to see her again!

Below is the machinery used to make olive oil before modern technology arrived.
(Donkeys are used in the olive oil making process. They ran the machine - not the one below! So it's good news that, hopefully, donkeys are no longer needed for this task)

Pottery everywhere

Olive oil. It's Cretan. Authentic. Yummy. Good for you. What else do you need?

These are some of the best honeys I have tasted!!
Just incredible.

They have an online shop and I think they ship worldwide. Shipping costs are quite expensive though but the products are reasonably priced.

If I do visit Crete again, I won't miss the opportunity to go to the Cretan Olive Oil Farm. A must see, do and buy.


Cammiii said...

very nice pictures! looks like a nice place to visit

Bitten said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing. Travel photos inspire me to go and see the world :)

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