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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Princi's Bakery

One of my favourite places to dine in and currently my favourite bakery.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to this bakery and since then, I visited it again to get a panettone.
Because I don't venture into the area of Soho, I have never heard of this restaurant before and I was very surprised to see so many high quality restaurants in the area.

This has now become one of my favourite places to dine in. Princi's do seriously addicitive desserts and foods. I'm telling you - they look as good as they taste! And everything I've tried from there so far caught me offguard because they are yummy and will leave you craving for more.

Both of the times I went there, the place was packed. The atmosphere was vibrant, the decors were simple and elegant, the staff were very friendly. There was nothing not to like.

Here are some pictures from my first visit there.

This slice of dessert is made of pistachios and something that felt slightly sweet. Was it honey? Perhaps maple syrup...? The slices of apricots on top were delicious. This has to be one of my favourite cakes. Wish I took down its name.

I got the cheesy pizza - thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is the first panettone I've tasted that was freshly made on the same day. And I have to say...I was amazed by how delicious it was. Delicious enough to make me come there again and get a second panettone =P. I'm hoping they don't stop making these after Xmas!

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