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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nuit by Christian Lacriox (and Avon's Super Shock eyeliner)

2 months ago, I was given a sample of this before Avon released the fragrance. I was spellbounded by the scent. Not only that, but I was SO surprised by how good this smelt because I smelt Lacroix's Absynthe many months ago and I found the scent revolting. So when Lacroix released the Nuit version, again at Avon's, with the same bottle design as Absynthe (Except it's now in purple), I was expecting the worst from it.

Nuit is amazing! I think for everyone who loves musk, who loves that mysterious evening scent, this is a must have. You simply can't go wrong with this, whatever the occasion and whatever mood you are in.

And at £20, it comes in an Eau de Parfum, which I prefer to Eau de toilette because it stays on for longer. For me, this lasts for 6-7 hours, sometimes more.

Also, it comes with a free watch, as if it isn't already a bargain!

One thing that struck me as soon as I smelt Nuit, was the fact that it bears a strong resemblance to Armani Code. Smell both of them and you'd be surprised of how similar they smell! So because of this, I don't consider Nuit to be unique but compared to Armani Code, it is slightly more spicy. If it was up to me to pick one of the two, I wouldn't know which one I'd go for.
They're both amazing!

And then I got this Super Shock eyeliner. With the brush, it came up to £6. However I didn't know it had glitter in it - not my taste =P
The texture is cakey - I'm assuming this could be due to the glitter. In short, this didn't quite convince me enough, so for those of you looking at this eyeliner, go for a Bobby Brown or Clinique. A few extra £/$ will be worth it.

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