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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Soaps and Scrubs (plus Elle magazine freebie!)

Let's call this my mini haul that I've collected over the last 2 weeks.

OK, so first, I bumped into a stall called I Love Boutique. You'll find this in one of the Xmas huts in Southbank or the German Xmas huts (close to Winter Wonderland). There were so many things I wanted to get from there, but I thought twice of getting stuff I'm actually going to use.

So here we go.

I got this lip scrub which is great for treating lips during the cold weather. I've tried Lush's lip scrubs, which I prefer more, although this lip scrub is different and is also yummy.

These soaps sold for 2 for £5.
This one reminded me of porridge, oats, milk and honey. It lathers up so well!

This is very fruity, great for mornings. Reminds me of tropical fruits and summer breeze.

If you can find any December issues of ELLE, get it quickly! ELLE is giving out £20 Kurt Geiger gift vouchers. You can use this voucher for any Kurt Geiger branded items, including sale items. I didn't want to spend more than £20, so I got this fabulous wallet in purple. Other colours available are grey and black (if I remember correctly!)

And finally, back to LUSH!
I'm keeping an eye on their new products. This one caught my eye as I was looking for me usual Sugarbabe body scrub (which I could no longer find!).
Australian igloo smells slightly minty, not overpowering ... I feel that Lush could have done more with this though!
It looks like Sugarbabe but it doesn't leave the same results. There was no silky after feeling, no lasting scent on the skin. So I'm disappointed but I'd get it again because sugar scrubs are a real treat!

1 comment:

Ashi said...

you've made me want to hit my Lush store and get me some lovely soap and shampoo. I need a change badly!

I got the Kurt Gieger gift card too, but havn't bought anything. Might have a nosy on the website later. Your wallet is gorgeous, love the purple!

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