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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hajj Exhibition at the British Museum

Recently, I went to the Hajj Exhibition at the British Museum. The exhibition will be there until 15th April 2012 and I highly recommend a visit for those of you who want to go there. Tickets are £ 12 (if I remember) and free for members.

I was amazed at the many artifacts and carefully preserved books and Qurans over the centuries. Walking through the exhibition left me in awe and hoping that one day I will,

insha'Allah, make my own pilgrimage to Mecca. For now the closest I will be to it

is in this museum.

I could not take any pictures once I was in the exhibition, so I leave you with the few pictures I managed to take.

The original book written by Ibn Jubayr caught my eye in the exhibition and I was SO thrilled to see its english translation being sold at the museum. Written more than 800 years ago, Ibn Jubayr writes about his trip to Mecca in great detail. The descriptions of the places, the people and the foods simply amaze me. Once I know Arabic well enough, I will read the original Arabic version so that nothing is lost in translation.

I recommend!

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