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Monday, 12 March 2012

Roast & Conch - The New Chocolate Cafe

Most of you will have heard of Hotel Chocolat. They make all sorts of delicious chocolates and their range is affordable and delightful. This year Hotel Chocolat opened their first chocolate cafe store. It's called Roast & Conch and it is currently situated at Seven Dials (Covent Garden).

I was impressed. I was wishing someone would open a cafe especially targeted at chocolate drinkers, so my wish was granted when I visited this place. It has 2 floors. When you enter Roast & Conch, it appears to be like a typical Hotel Chocolat store. Then there's a ground floor or 'basement' rather, where you descend and that is where you sit and sip your hot chocolate.

The only thing I felt that was lacking there was the choice of hot chocolates. There were a couple to choose from but not many, so I do hope they customise the drinks more.

I had a normal hot chocolate and I have to was very satisfying! Perhaps...just coffee replacement.

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