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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Dining at Pizza Express

After a busy week and before blogging this... I decided to attempt making some mint tea, which turned out surprisingly well!

4 mint leaves

+ 1 PG Tip Tea Bag

= 1 yummy cup of mint tea (& sugar added)


Recently, I went to dine in at Pizza Express. I must say, I was so satisfied with their Leggera pizza (as always). They're said to be under 500 calories, surprisingly full of flavour, filling, reasonably priced, high quality.... plus, they have different varieties of those!

I had to capture this! I like round objects in designs. With a pink heart on it, it paints on a prettier sight.

I ordered a Raspberry Lemonade, which smelt oddly of tomato juice and tasted something like raspberry flavoured water (??)...
Unfortunately, I had to order a Coke to replace this.

The garlic bread was soft, buttery & had just enough garlic in it. I also like the fact that it wasn't salty as a lot of garlic breads I've eaten were pretty salty!

Waiting for my main course... =P

The Leggera pizza I ordered is Mare E Monti, consisting of King Prawns, Mushrooms, Red Onions, Olives, Light Mozzarella & Cajun Spices.
Out of all the leggeras I've tasted so far, this has to be the best one.

Olives are a must at Pizza Express.

1 comment:

bosnishmuslima said...

What a yummi post :-D
Pizza looks very delicios! And love mint tea with fresh mint and pine nut

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