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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Night by Emporio Armani

Let me start off this post (irrelevantly) with some delicious lychees I ate =P

If you haven't taste these yet, do not get the canned lychees! The fresh ones are a lot tastier.

Okay - so here goes my review on Emporio Armani's Night.

' What I think... ,

This is a discontinued product. Emporio Armani stopped making it a few years ago - I was really disappointed learning that because this is such an amazing mild perfume!
This is one of my favourite perfumes which I can wear on any occasion because its scent isn't too strong and it's so well balanced.
Plus, it's an Eau de Parfum - so it lasts for a long time!
This also happens to be the first fragrance I've ever tried from Emporio Armani...and did it take me by surprise!

The first few times I wore this, I wasn't so into the scent... But the more I wore it, the more I began to really like it. To this present day, it brings me so many dear & sweet memories that I want to stock up on this so it never runs out (but I think perfumes do expire, so that would be an unwise thing to do =P).

' Notes ... ,

This fragrance is so delicate and feminine. There's a blend of musk, soft jasmine, sandalwood, blackcurrent, cranberries. It's so soothing & blends so well with one's skin.

The lotion lasts all day!

An imprint carved on the perfume bottle.

I have a last unopened eau de parfum of Night - I haven't open this yet as I want to preserve the fragrance!
The opened bottle's fragrance no longer smells like it should =( ( but it has been years since I bought that! I should have used all of it...! )

Liking the simple innovative design. The bottle feels like it's made of light metal (perhaps tin?) and to spray on, you have to push down on the user friendly rubber shown below.

The last remaining bottles are still available online if any of you are interested to get it. The only thing I'd be against advising any of you on getting this is...I'm not sure if this will suit some people. Yes, it's a friendly fragrance & it's unique. But it took me a while until I began to like it and it grew on me!

What a delightful fragrance ^.^
~ A little something to cherish ~

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