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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Design Your Own - virtually!

If only I had the textile skills, I'd like to one day create unique pieces of items and express my creativity through them.

But for now, I'm still on the road to learning how to stitch a button (haha...!) so I thought these couple of sites are so fun to design your own things!

The only downside is, with personalised products, you might be paying a ridiculously high price!

Anyway, here are some fun sites I stumbled onto. I quickly created some designs in some of the sites so you can see how each is like =P

[All screenshots taken from the site I've written about in their paragraphs!]

Grannies Inc

Grannies Inc is where you can design your own beanie, scarf, snood, headband & wrist warmer.
Though unique, the prices seem unreasonable... but see it for yourself and decide =P

Here's a simple pink & black scarf I created.

Belen Echandia

Belen Echandia allows you to create your own handbag....! Although, the price tags are way out of my price range =P - average is at £400 I'd say. I'd rather go for a designer bag than create my own unique bag at those prices!


Timberland allows you to create your own unique pair of boots, complete with initials. You pick all the colours of the shoe - from the heel to the lining...
Again, the price tag is high, so for those of you who can fit into the 'Youths' shoe size (it goes upto size 5.5 I think! =P and I'm sure most of us can fit into (up to) those!), go for those instead as there is a huge difference in the price tag gap.

Take a look at my design ^.^ with some personalised initials.


Converse, like Timberland, allows you to create your very own pair of those of you who are fans of Converse will love this. The price tag is reasonable compared to the Timberlands. This could potentially be a real treat for some of you =P

Shoes of Prey

This site is so pretty! Shoes of Prey allow you to design so many types of shoes. They have a range of colours, designs, heel heights, shoe types & fabrics.

Take a look at the design I made in a hurry - and it comes complete with a bow which I could attach!


Longchamp allows you to create 2 types of bags, in different sizes, colours, handle lengths, lining (colour) & complete with your initials.
Le Cabas is a lot more expensive than Le Pliage - probably due to its materials.

Here are 2 I created.

Case Mate

Case Mate allows you to design your own phone covers - those of you who are into phone art or personalisation might like this!

Skin It

Another site allowing you to create your own phone cover. Skin It appears to have more options than Case Mate. Compare the two and check which is better =P

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