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Friday, 25 February 2011

' Moschino Couture! , ... and ... ' Gucci Rush ,


I've had Moschino's Couture! for about a year and a half now. It's one of those scents which I can spray on any time whatever mood I'm in - which has been really handy because there have been many moments where I felt so picky over scents. During those times, my hand would usually reach over to Moschino's perfume...

I'm surprised there is a lot left in the bottle because I felt like I've been using this a lot!

I have to say, I'm very disappointed upon hearing several news saying this perfume might have been discontinued (hopefully that's not true!).

As you'll scroll down, you'll notice I've taken (way too) many pictures of this perfume. In addition to practising my 'capturing of detail ' skills, I really like the bottle and thought it would be a nice idea to practise expressing creativity through it.

The scent...
.... is amazing! Most of the time, I settle for light, musky scents which stay on for a long enough time. Moschino delivers that so well. Its reminds me of that lightness & hint of mild sweet dewyness fresh after-smell one is left with after a shower, or after washing one's hands. For this reason, I find it a wonderful perfume to spray on sparingly on your hair (I wouldn't recommend spraying directly on to your hair!).

What I also like about this is it strangely also manages to be slightly 'fizzy' & spicy. You'd think the combination of notes in this perfume wouldn't work... but as I was... prepare to be surprised!

I have a feeling this is one perfume that might not suit all and it depends on how well this blends in our skins - on my skin, it's perfect, it gives off a truly one-of-a-kind personal scent and I like the fact that this chemistry works out.
I would classify this as a casual scent, verging on formal...

I am MOSCHINO Couture!

My golden heart is my hat & my ribbon is my scarf...

My ribbon = a truly chic statement.
Afterall....Bows and ribbons are some of the designs Moschino is known for.

Peer right through me....

Ribbon: 'All eyes on me...'

Bottle: 'Count me in.'

The Catwalk

} The miSshaPed sCaRf {

:; The one with Attitude. ;:

The Original


I was given this fragrance a few years ago and initially, I enjoyed wearing it. It has a distinct exotic scent, with a citrussy-sharp-but-sweet-flowery scent (if you can imagine that!) that oozes a rush to one's senses. This is bursting to fill one's senses with so many sharp scents. So unsurprisingly, it's refreshing.

Some of the notes that make up this fragrance are:
Bergamot, Peony and Freesia, Middle notes of Violet,Jasmine and Carnation and Base notes of Orris Sandalwood and Vetiver

However, after continuously using this fragrance... I started to notice that it lost its appeal to me. I found out I couldn't wear this whenever I had a headache or felt ill.
It's a friendly casual fragrance but I wouldn't say it's anything special.

To me, a truly special fragrance is one which appeals to you just as well as the first time you sprayed it on.

The rich red colour of the bottle creates that look which makes it live up to its name - Rush.

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