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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Macaroons and Tea ... with a slice of Pandoro

Have any of you visited the new Westfield in Stratford? For those of you who have been, it's amazing, right?! I have been there a few times now and I cannot wait to go back. I think this could partly be due to the lack of malls in this country -.-... For those of you who haven't been there, I recommend visiting it, especially since it's winter now and if you're feeling too lazy to be out on the chilly high streets...then head to a mall =P

I couldn't take any pictures at the mall because it's not allowed, so I don't have any pictures of Westfield to put here but I do have two special buys that I got from there, minus the Pandoro which was given to me (but you can find this in any good supermarkets or Italian shops).

Firstly, I got a box of this White Tea with a hint of Pomegranate. On the ground floor at Westfield's, I bumped into a Twinings stall and they had this tea on show. They offered me a little cup to taste it and after that I simply had to get it.
I'm increasing my herbal tea intake because I think that it's much better than coffee, it certainly has a lot more benefits and it's a great way to reach the 2 litre water intake daily.
This tea is white and doesn't get too dark, which means that it won't stain your teeth as much as other teas and the hint of pomegranate is yummy.

Then I stumbled into a macaroon stall (also on the ground floor) and you know that I can't resist macaroons... so I got 3 different flavours. These are known as L'Orchidee Macaroons. The person who worked there introduced me to all the different macaroons which were carefully kept and presented. And after all the introductions, I picked the ones which sounded the most interesting and limited by choices to 4, because they were £1.60 each! But oh so worth it...

The blue macaroon I was told is inspired by the royal wedding. It's a rich royal blue with a pink filling. I can't remember its taste now but I certainly was impressed with every nibble.

The pink macaroon is made from ingredients which include orchids. Apparently they squeeze the orchids to make this, which is really cool. I was curious to try this one after hearing that....and I have to say, I was taken aback by this because I could taste the orchids. It was a delightful treat.

The chocolate macaroons ... I got these because I have a weakness for chocolates and I was eager to compare these to Paul's and Laduree's macaroons. Laduree's chocolate madagascar is still on the top of my list...! But I also liked this macaroon because it was different (in a good way of course). The filling was softer and it was decorated with funky glitter to add that extra special touch to it.

For those of you who like a light cake....
Not greasy. Soft texture. No fuss. Perfect to go with tea.
Then a Pandoro is what you're looking for.

I usually have this with tea - they make great companions =P

Have a slice...!

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