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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PinKbeRRy - Yummy-ness minus the guilt - Taste the Difference.

When Pinkberry opened in Selfridges in the summer, I could not wait to visit the store and try their frozen yoghurt. As far as I know, I think they were established before Snog frozen yoghurt and they already had branches worldwide.
Surprisingly, I managed to wait a long while before actually making my trip there, partly because I had a busy schedule. The first time I went there was sometime last month and after that visit, I knew I was going to be back very soon. And so this month, I went back to Pinkberry again. This time, I was armed with my camera to snap away for this post ^.^

Pinkberry has become the best frozen yoghurt for me. I cannot believe I'm actually saying this! But it does beat Snog's yoghurt. I think it depends on one's taste.
Snog has a slightly bitter taste whilst Pinkberry has a fresher, dewy, refreshing, balanced texture and flavour. I'm telling you, Pinkberry's texture is amazing! It makes Snog's texture seem a little stiff. And of course the frozen yoghurt is the main thing we're comparing first when we compare the two, so in this category, Pinkberry is a real winner.

I went there with a friend and here is my cup. I ordered the coconut flavoured yoghurt with chocolate stuff and crunchy goodness =D
Pinkberry allows you to pick 2 types of yoghurt, so for example, you can select to have half chocolate and half coconut frozen yoghurt. Spoiling us or what?!
The funny thing is... I don't think Snog used to allow you to pick 2 types of yoghurt before. Or at least I have never seen it. But when I went to Snog last week, they actually highlighted to me that I could mix 2 different types of yoghurts....
...and so the competition begins!

This is the pomegranate flavoured yoghurt. So refreshing!
The size of these cups is slightly smaller than a Snog Special (if any of you have had that before). It's their medium size and it's just enough for me.
I like their toppings and again, I do think that it beats Snog, although I might just be saying that because I've been to Snog so many times and Pinkberry is new to me.

I also found the atmosphere of Pinkberry more chilled out compared to Snog's loud music coupled with their disco-like lights. So again, Pinkberry appeals to me more than Snog does. I can have a relaxed conversation without having to raise my voice.

Pinkberry is opening in Stratford's Westfield and I cannot wait for it! I'm keeping a lookout for their opening date till then. This should be an interesting visit because it'll be an actual Pinkberry store. So I'm curious to see how their whole 'personality' is, what kinds of footprints it leaves behind. The Pinkberry in Selfridges is on the ground floor and it's in a little corner, a few metres from where you can get your groceries from.

If you like Snog frozen yoghurt or any types of frozen yoghurts, I highly recommend Pinkberry. Do give it a try. I think everyone will have different tastes. Some of you might like Snog's more solid yoghurt and that slightly sour taste. Others might prefer Pinkberry, like I do.
Either way, both frozen yoghurts are amazing and I will be visiting them again.
Pinkberry just happens to be my new favourite now ^.^

I got some Uggs on the same day. I'll reveal which types I got in another post. I never thought I'd cave in and get a pair of Uggs... but yeah... I'm one of them now =P they are perfect for winter and so comfortable!

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♡ αmαℓ said...

I love Pinkberry! Their pomegranate yogurt is the best :p

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