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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stef's Italian Restaurant

Visit their website here.

A year ago I would say I wasn't the greatest enthusiast when it came to Italian cuisine. But since then, I began trying more Italian dishes and began to love them. And then I watched a series called Two Greedy Italians, which made me curious as to how the 'real' authentic Italian cuisine tasted like.
So I was on a quest to find authentic dishes. When I was in Rome, I was very impressed with a lot of cuisines and as soon as I got here, I missed them and wanted to find a place that sold the same yummy dishes.

Turns out I didn't have to look far away. First I tried Carluccio's restaurant (he was one of the chefs starring in Two Greedy Italians), which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! When I read the reviews for this restaurant, I was very surprised as to why some people didn't like the food, although the majority loved the dishes. I went there on a weekday (not a Friday) but it was so busy that I was glad I reserved a table in order to get a seat for the evening. I forgot my camera on that day so during my next visit there, I'll be sure to take pictures!


For now though, let me introduce Stef's restaurant. This is a family run restaurant and I believe, this is the only restaurant in the UK... perhaps even worldwide!
A friend of mine recommended this place to me. Unsurprisingly I've never heard of it before and when I went there, it wasn't too packed. I don't think a lot of people are aware of this place, which is a shame because I do think it deserves more recognition.

The service was first class. It felt very homely. The staff were polite and so helpful throughout. The dishes came on time and each were immaculately presented. The pictures I took simply doesn't do enough justice to each dish. The restaurant itself was very well kept and had a lovely atmosphere. It had that modern Italian feel to it.

The lighting conditions were quite dim inside so excuse my blurry out of focus pictures >.<...

These were prawns mixed with some vegetables. The sauce used for the dressing is the best I have ever tasted...! Yum...

It came with some lemon water to wash my fingertips in (or rather 'dip' them in) after eating the prawn dish.

This is some cheese (can't remember the name) with some vegetables laid out around and under it. Yeah I know, vague description! I totally forgot the dish's name...

This is their 'Italian lemonade'. More refreshing than a Sprite, that's for sure.

The pasta dishes ...
...were the highlights. They tasted so delicious that I finished my plate. And usually, I do find it hard to finish my plate, particularly if the dish is very filling (and believe me, this was very filling...)

This is now one of my favourite restaurants and I highly recommend it ^.^

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