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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mini Lush Haul et Vaseline Creme Brulee

I did say that I managed to do a mini Lush Haul last week and I even managed to take pictures of the products. I also made myself an errand to get the limited edition Vaseline Creme Brulee from Selfridges. Vaseline is currently my second favourite lipbalm (Burt's Bees still being my favourite), so I was so excited when a Creme Brulee version came out. I told myself I'd get it. I'd get it because I didn't shop for a long while and also because I knew I needed it seeing as winter is approaching. It's fascinating to see how much cheer a small pot of Vasline can bring oneself.

Here's the Vaseline Creme Brulee ^.^ (Ebay now sells it if you're wondering where you could get it from).
It smells divine, tempting enough to eat...! And it keeps your lips so soft and protected. For those of you who are Vaseline fans, this won't disappoint.

And now... the Lush Haul!

I got my usual face mask, the Love Lettuce. I haven't used a face mask for more than a month so it's a relief to have this because every Friday is now face mask day!

I blogged about this soap before. It's called Lady Catrina and it's released for their Halloween edition and I really hope that it will stay at least until New Year because I want to stock up!
This has to be one of my favourite soaps. It smells incredible and does stay on your skin for a long time. If any of you tasted those Starburst chewy sweets in blackcurrant... try to recall its scent... because this soap smells SO similar. Lush should make this a permanent soap!

The Candy Cane soap you'd think would smell somewhat like candy floss or you know those really sweet bubble gum like scents? Well at least that is what I expected. This soap however has a twist and that makes it very interesting. Because it does not smell like a typical candy cane. The sweet scent is blended with the scent of almond, so it smells slightly minty in a way which catches you offguard. And because of that I use this mainly at nights. It puts me right to bed...

Lastly it's a funny encounter with the Lust Soap. I picked it up at the store and once I smelt it, I knew I definitely smelt the same scent somewhere. It took me 5 mins (though it felt like an hour!) trying to pinpoint exactly where I smelt this. I get so impatient at times trying to remember something which seems very familiar to me. It was then that I realised that I've smelt this same scent in one of Lush's perfumes, called Lust. The strange thing is, I didn't like the smell of Lust perfume. I found it too intoxicating - it was almost like a hit and miss to me. But this soap surprised me and seemed much lighter, so I got it.
One of the best things I like about this soap is the pretty pink water it leaves behind! And no, it doesn't stain your bath tub or shower curtains. How cool is that?!

Oh... and one major improvement I've noticed in the Lush soaps is the fact that these soaps lather so well! I remember around a year ago when I used to do Lush hauls and one of the few soaps I'd buy would disappoint me because it didn't foam up very well.
So, I'm impressed!

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