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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Innocent by Theirry Mugler

I got this perfume around January this year and I would describe it as a hit and miss fragrance. You either love or hate it. First impressions were its top notes which were so over powering. When I first sprayed it on, I was sure this fragrance wasn't for me and I assumed that the middle and base notes were nothing impressive.Top notes consist of bergamot and mandarin orange, I couldn't tell these made up the notes until I looked them up and I was very surprised because the combination sounds like they would work together in harmony but for some reason it doesn't work at all for me.

But then, since I already sprayed it on my skin as I was testing it, I eventually smelt the base notes and I was surprised. It was musky, dark, sparkly and sophisticated. 
This was the reason I ended up getting the perfume.

As soon as I wore it a few times though, unfortunately I ended up giving this perfume away as I just couldn't stand the top and middle notes. It took forever to settle to the base notes and gave me a headache in the process. I'm disappointed but I notice that there is a lighter version of this perfume released and I am assuming it is because other people are also finding this fragrance too overpowering.

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