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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Le Whif: Eating by Breathing?

You read that right. Eating by breathing is the new take on fulfilling your chocolate cravings with almost no calories, fat, carbs etc. And it's not April fools so hear me out on this one...

Le Whif is a new product invented by Harvard University and it has been all over the press. Papers such as the New York times and Thomson Reuters have praised this product with Thomson stating that this has 'global ambitions'. Basically the Whif contains tiny amounts of cocoa. Each Whif allows 8 whifs or 'breaths of chocolate'. On their main website, it is said that Le Whif uses 'particle engineering' to form natural food substances like chocolate.

If you look through their main site, you will notice they also have breathable vitamins and breathable coffee. After all its publicity and all the articles I have read on it, I finally managed to get my hands on these. Despite all the positive views on this, I didn't have high hopes. The reason I got so many was because I wanted to trial them on a panel of people to see what they thought.

And the verdict?

My instinct proved me right. Le Whif is a bizarre invention. When I tried it, it felt like I was inhaling very small amounts of cocoa powder, which I could have done myself ... but why on earth would I want to do that?! It didn't taste of much. Just imagine flavoured cocoa powder in minimal amounts hitting your taste buds. Simply put, that was it. Rather than fulfilling my cravings, I wanted to eat chocolate. I just did not get this product at all.

And as for my panel of volunteers who tried these?
They are as baffled as I am. They did not see the appeal. And they found it amusing the fact that Harvard university came up with this.

 I am truly speechless people!

1 comment:

Cammiii said...

o.O kinda weird but I prefer chocolate no matter how many calories!

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