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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Venchi - my favourite chocolatier

When I heard the fabulous news that Venchi has just opened a store in Covent Garden, I was so excited I squealed with delight. Venchi is an Italian chocolatier founded by Silvano Venchi.
I think this is their first store in the UK, which is so surprising because they definitely deserve so much more recognition. Venchi was established in 1878 so it has come a long way! 
I hope that this will be as famous here as it is in Italy.
It is so different compared to other chocolatiers such as Thornton's and it brings a refreshing blend of chocolates to our palettes.

Ask me what my favourite chocolate is and I'll immediately tell you it is Gianduiotto, made from a paste of sugar, cocoa and hazelnut. And Venchi has so many of these and more, it certainly satisfies any sweet chocolate cravings one has.

I cannot wait to try each of their chocolates and their gelatos. I am so pleased that they've made their mark in London. And although they are costly treats, try them and you'll understand just how worth it they are.

If you want to visit their site out of curiousty, here it is.

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