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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lush's Lipstick and Eyeliner

Lush has bravely gone ahead and launched their first cosmetics. No doubt so many of us are excited about it. Who doesn't want safer, more natural ingredients in their cosmetics?
I remember a few years back when Lush had a sister company 'B Never Busy to be Beautiful' (if I remember correctly) and they had a load of products which I assume supported Lush's incentive and used where possible, natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals. I was so disappointed when this shop closed down and always wondered whether Lush would bring back some of its sister company's products.

For now, I got the black Independent liquid eyeliner and the Perspective lipstick.
Let me start with the liquid liner:
When the sales assistant tested this at the back of her hand at the store, I was amazed. I saw a pigmented solid black line gliding through with ease. I explained that I have tried gel and liquid eyeliner before, but especially when it came to liquid eyeliners, I am all out allergic to. I was reassured that this would work on me and with that I got it, hoping this will be the magic potion.
When I tried it at home though, my eyes stung as soon as any liquid managed to get through to my eyes, so applying this on my waterline was virtually impossible! I was disappointed because I was expecting it to be gentle enough to use. It did sting pretty bad....! Or maybe I am just allergic to all liquids entering my eyes?

Also I found that the colour didn't resemble the pigmented black ink I saw at the store. On my eyes it settled to a dark ashy grey colour. 

And then I tried the Perspective lipstick:
Now this product is my magic potion people!
I wanted a shade that wasn't sparkly and one that was slightly darker than my lip colour. This was the perfect shade. It lasts 3-4 hours before it gets dry but even after it is dry it stays on your lips for hours. I was so so surprised with its staying power and there is no doubt that I will be looking into other shades.
It is very pigmented, comes in a liquid form but dries quickly and envelopes your lips with its rich colour.

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