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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My first pair of suede shoes!

As you've read....yes....that's right! =P I got myself my first pair of suede shoes from Dune!
I've never been the type who would risk it and go for tender materials such as suede because I assume they'd be a nightmare to maintain and care for.
However, the shop assistant at Dune did tell me it's not so hard to look after a pair of these. I'll find out for myself....
Maybe she might be right (and not just saying that to sell these pair to me!) as these pair of shoes have sold out quick online and in store!

I guess I shall have to get a suede brush just in case...perhaps a spray too...

I like the neutral colour of these shoes. It bridges the light brown-grey tone. As expected, the material is super almost feel very spoilt wearing these!

Dune is one of my favourite places to shop for quality shoes. However, because their price tags are out of my range, I only get shoes from there when I need to. Otherwise, I simply wait for the sales...

The heel height is medium which makes walking light and easy. Less pressure on your toes and heels. And also easy on the eye as it doesn't stand out.

The shape of the shoe fits my taste. It's not too pointed at the tip, neither is it too rounded. It fits one's foot comfortably.

Suede shoes rock! =D

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Ebanehita said...

nice! very vintage looking

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