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Friday, 3 December 2010

' Let it Snow....Let it Snow.... ,

Snow fell expectedly this week, creating a white blanket all over the country. What I like about snow is, it almost makes everything look equal. It makes me think of how, for this one instance, almost everything is dressed in the same white canvas, as if reminding us, we're all in the same home under one roof. It creates a sense of togetherness and wonder.
Did you know : Snow is made up of many many fragile tiny symmetrical snowflakes. Almost each one of them is perfectly symmetrical - which makes it even more beautiful knowing this...

Read more about the chemistry of snowflake here - you'll learn a few intriguing things =P.

Surrey was greeted with heavy snow on Tuesday this week.
The day after it was reported 4-7 inches of snow fell in that region! Unfortunately, I couldn't make my way there to capture more pictures.

I can't stop feeling anything but mesmerised watching trees gracefully carrying snow on their branches.

This came out blurry but I had to put this here because it's one of my favourite pictures taken.

Festive trees!

The best picture I was able to capture.

London welcomed heavy snowfall the next day....!

A children's playground.

A festive hut by the riverside.

One of the Xmas huts by the riverside selling knits. Looking cosy..... I can imagine working there sipping a hot chocolate...

Choosing some Ear muffs =P - I got 2 ear muffs from here.

Ear muffs are a must have accessory this winter! Very cold ears can hurt... so unless you have a hoody, a thick scarf or a snood, invest in some fluffy ear muffs for this winter and future ones to come by.
3 of my ear muffs are featured below.

More festive huts aligned alongside the river Thames.

These apples were delicious but costly... so as a one-off treat =P I say... go for it!

Picnic in the snow? ^.^

Or maybe some coffee overlooking the riverside?

Glimpse of a park covered in snow.

Covent Garden was greeted with snow...

And that's all about it! Hope you enjoyed browsing through those pictures!

1 comment:

Ebanehita said...

Really enjoyed browsing through..

Went to regents park yesterday, truly one of the best days i've had in winter.

like siberia, london changed to a different world.

great tree pics!! wow

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