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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Abu Zaad - Syrian Restaurant

Abu Zaad is a restaurant specialised in Syrian cuisine located in Shepherd's Bush (a 15 minute walk from Westfield if you happen to be nearby)

The decorations made me feel like I was taken to another era. The music added a wonderful homely atmosphere to the golden lit room...

Mint tea came with traditional tea mixed with mint leaves.

Some Battata Harra was a yummy starter with khubus bread...

...accompanied by some falafel and....

...of course... how can you forget the houmous? =P

Some Tabouleh was also brought to the table. As I blogged before.... this is my favourite salad!!

Chicken Showerma was the main satisfying meal, with some mild spicy rice and a mix of salad on the side.

Dessert was a selection of fine baklawas.

I'd definitely recommend anyone to try out this restaurant. The food is of good quality, the service was great, the atmosphere was so relaxed.... satisfying indeed!

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