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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

YSL's Mysterious Belle d'Opium

I've been wanting to get this perfume since it came out in Dubai in the summer. I got it as a gift instead!

This fragrance is my favourite evening scent at the moment. It represents a younger, yet mature, feminine scent. It's a very well made potion in comparison to its original decomposition in YSL's Opium .

I cannot emphasize just how wonderful this perfume smells like. It's not over-powering and has a balance of musk, jasmine, floral scents. You feel almost as if the numerous layers of scents leave you guessing what else you can smell in between...which makes it very mysterious to me.

I would not recommend this for everyone. Some of you might find it too overpowering or not suited to your taste! Years back, I probably wouldn't have gone for this scent, but as we know...scents change with time and age =)

Don't you just admire the bottle? Compared to YSL's Opium, where I would resemble that to a mature middle-aged woman; Belle d'Opium would resemble a young girl reaching womanhood and rejoicing to what wonders it brings her...


bosnishmuslima said...

Great description! I wouldn't have done it better ;-)

shi zhan said...

RayBan サングラスという言葉が耳に入ったところ、ついひとりの友人のことが思い出しました。彼女もレイバン aviatorの愛用者です。小さい頃から、周りの人に「女王様」とあだ名されました。なんの故か知らないが、彼女はずっとレイバン RB3025に夢中でした。

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