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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mini Primark Haul

Primark can be a great place for shopping if you're hunting for basics.
I have to admit, I seldom find anything nice in Primark as I am fussy with quality and design. However, today I decided to venture in and here are my finds.... (hopefully they will convince you to shop there too!)

Tips for shopping at Primark:
- Check the stitching of the clothes, bags etc...
- Check all buttons are secure.
- Look for any wear or tear.
- Sizes vary greatly, so fit the clothes you buy unless you have a good sense of judgement (which I thankfully do =P)
- Avoid buying shoes there. This is my advice from numerous reviews I've heard of Primark's shoes, including the heel of the shoe snapping...

A blue-green & grey long sleeved basic shirt (£3)

Simple long sleeved shirts can be hard to find in the high street. So here's one with a cool design - I'm liking the combination of the two colours...

A vintage style sweater (£5, was £10)

I admire vintage designs. They're so feminine and pretty! So I had to get this!

Check out the puffy shoulder design =P

Another brown basic long sleeve top (£3)

This is great for wearing under tops or shirts.

And finally, some gloves (£2)

I've been looking for this design for a while now, something which frees your fingers. You might think it's a bit pointless seeing as gloves are meant to keep your hands warm, but, these can very handy for when you have to reach for something in your bag or when you have to use your phone!

Along the way I got some toffee apples.... one of my favourite treats =)

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