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Monday, 13 December 2010

Washington Hotel - Mayfair

The Washington Hotel at Mayfair was a cosy, wonderful place to feel at home in...
The room was well lit, the decorations were minimal and neutral. I'm liking the balance of how the room was set up.

See it for yourself in this mini room tour ^.^! Luckily, I happened to stay there during my weekend...

The cosy double bed was neatly arranged.

The wallpapers were pretty! The patterned design blended in so well with the neutral light brown colour and the plainest paintings were hung on the wall so as to keep the room's scene balanced.

Above the headboard was a simple circle art. I like having circle shaped items in the room because it reminds me of a rounded balanced feeling - like some kind of unity (know what I mean? =P I guess almost like a marriage ring being round, a 'perfect' circle.... harmony).

The mini balcony overlooked the gym on the opposite road.

Afternoon tea at the side table.

Offering some teas & coffees ...

The bathroom was very clean, shiny & just magnificent!

Absolutely like the presentation of these....!

My clutch bag bearing the Burj Khalifa symbol. I got this from Dubai =P and it's my favourite clutch. The colour doesn't show too well - it's grey.

The scene outside the balcony at night...

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