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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Girls Next Door on Crescent Row - featuring: Rita, Eva, Lee Lee & Carmella ... Unique, Free & Beautiful ... by Benefit !

I got this at Boxing Day's sales after wanting a collection of these for a while now. I remember testing these a long while ago and each of the fragrance always left a wonderful impression to me. So I spotted all 4 fragrances in a set and had to grab it!

However, after I bought it and smelt them again...and again...and again...I felt like I made a mistake buying these because I'm suddenly not so into the scents (strange huh? >.>)

The packaging as you can see is beautiful, very girly & arty. It's a nice present to give because of the whole presentation of it.

I'm impressed...!

Each mini bottle is 10 ml. You can't spray these on so to apply, you'd have to rub it on your wrists and apply the fragrance. These are very handy for handbags - practical and easy to open, just twist and lift its secure top and it's ready to use...

At the back of the box, there's a little story on each fragrance, which I thought was pretty cool! If you want, you can have a little bit of fun and decide which character's description fits a friend and send the relevant mini fragrance to them as a gift to see if you got it right. Though that would be a bit like russian roulette I'd say =P (haha...)

Okay, so a description of each of the scents....(I should have known they'd all have a heavy floral scent!)

Eva - To me, this is definitely the best out of the 4. It smells fresh, not too overpowering, with a good balance of floral and cologne type of scents. As part of its name mentions 'Garden Good & Eva' somehow reminds me of a garden blossoming with flowers.

Rita - This used to be the best out of the 4 on first impressions. Although...after I tried to let it settle to its middle notes...I just couldn't bear it any longer! The scents of coconut, herbal & floral don't go together for me. It gave me a headache... I found it too conflicting, too overpowering & even managed to remind me of coconut hair oil =/ (hah...)

Carmella - This smells a bit herbal to me. You can make out strong scents of caramel (herbal caramel perhaps?? If you can imagine that...) and a strong floral scent which almost attempts to mask the caramel scent. So good choice for a name - Carmella. I couldn't stand the top notes so I wasn't able to smell the rest...

Lee Lee - This is the least floral scenting bottle out of the 4. It smells fresher, lighter and reminds me a bit of cologne. I'd describe it as more of a masculine scent with a hint of distinct floral note...

To summarise...I would recommend getting this set as long as you sample each one of them properly! Let them sit on your skin for a few hours and decide then whether you love it or hate it.

I don't think it's for someone who's not into floral scents. But for those who love floral scents...this might just be the perfect combination of fragrance to opt for.

Give it a try for yourself!

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