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Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Happy New Year to Everyone!

Just before the New Year, I got my 2 of favourite teas (Strawberry Cream & Almond Vanilla Green tea) to sip alongside a Panettone ...

They finally had the Almond Vanilla Green tea in stock! After months of constantly asking if this was in stock...I was in luck yesterday!

Patisserie Valerie had a delicious Panettone, carefully wrapped...

It goes so well with any tea =P . One of the reasons I like Panettone's is due to its light weight. It doesn't feel heavy when you eat you don't feel so full or sick afterwards. It's not too sweet either. It's a wonderful treat for any time of the day.

And then...I went to watch the fireworks!
Although...Last year I managed to take much better picture than this year because I was closer to the London Eye and I had a good angle.
This time I was far off =( but nevertheless...I tried to take the best pictures I could! I had to raise my hand as high as I could...which was excruciatingly exhausting for a whole 10 minutes. Not to mention I had to hold it very still because my Canon is very poor at taking pictures in the dark >.< !

ENJOY looking through them ^.^
...and a Happy New Year to Everyone reading this post ! =)

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