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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Toujours Glamour by Moschino

Toujours Glamour by Moschino is a wonderful easy going casual wear fragrance aimed at those who love citrus based scents or lily of the valley.

The top notes are (what I make out to be)...a mix of lime, lemon & strong dominant notes of lily of the valley.
After it settles, you can just about make out a jasmine scent (it would have been better if they strengthened the jasmine concentration in this perfume as jasmine usually stays for a long period of time!), a hint of bitter note lurking somewhere, cardamom spice... I think that sums up the scent of this perfume...(not particularly interesting, which is why I'd label it casual).

You would most likely need top ups for this perfume as the staying power isn't great - I'd say it'll last you 4-5 hours. I just realised it's an Eau de Toilette, so perhaps that's why!

My final verdict: Let's just say the bottle is better than the scent =P

The original perfume is better (in my opinion) but this version gives it a good spicy twist...
...Fruity, musky & bitter!

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