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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yet more L.U.S.H. (& Nails Inc.)

Boots is currently offering a free Nails Inc nail polish for every 2 Diet Cokes bought (2 cokes @ £1.50ish - not bad!).
These nail polishes are pretty costly on their own. Ebay on average seems to sell them at around £4-5... so this is a great deal! On top of that, there are a variety of colours to choose from. I happened to choose the colours 'Caramel' & 'Heather Grey', both of which aren't too dark or too light.

I have never tried a Nails Inc nail polish before but was always curious as to how it was because of its popularity.
So, I began trying out the Caramel polish first and here's my verdict...

The colour - I am absolutely liking the colour because it's neutral, plain and simple. It reminds me of those toffee fudges...yumm...
I like the fact that, though its a light colour, with one careful coat, it comes out almost opaque, so you don't need another coat.

The consistency - could be better. I have to say I think its consistency let it down! Compared to Ciate's nail polishes, this was too runny so applying it was a bit tricky, especially if you're right handed and have to apply it to your left hand's fingernails and vice versa =P

Like most nail polishes, this is not chip resistant, but good enough to last about an entire week (or more for those of you who are more careful with your nails).

If you like nail polishes, give this a try while the promotion is on...!
Though, I don't think I would buy this nail polish at full price after trying it out...


Okay - so I've been blogging mostly on fragrances for a long while, so for a change...I thought I'd blog about L.U.S.H. again...
I took these pictures a long time ago! I actually bought all these Lush goodies during Boxing day. Most of them were half-price.

I'll try to keep the comments short and to the point ^.^

Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub

I've blogged about this before. It's not my favourite scrub, but the smell is great and the fact that it's made of mostly sugar bits makes one hungry. Plus at half price...why not?

Maple Taffy Lipbalm

This is the first lipbalm I've tried from Lush & I have to say...I'm liking this (a lot!). It reminds me of toffee, caramel & coconuts... If you don't have any appetite, put this on & you'll be hungry in no time (hah =P)...

Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

Smells exactly like its name says - gingerbread. And as Lush says - it's without the calories!
This is so well made that I can't get myself to use it (!!) >.<

Then I had to get this Gift Set (it was half price! Plus, you get to keep the tin house and reuse it!).

Liking the presentation of its contents (I am always impressed with the way Lush wrap up their presents...).

I have only tried the Cinders Bath Ballistic from this gift set. It smells soo candy-licious. Although, once immersed in water, it disappoints a little as the smell isn't as strong and fades out pretty quick. But what I also liked about it was the crackling sounds it gave out from the candy bits in it...
If only the smell would last for years, I'd use this in my wardrobe, because it's such a girly and child-like scent...

Candy Cane Bubble Bar

I haven't tried this one yet, but as you can guess, it smells like candy cane! I was told at the store that this is one of the best selling bubble bars...

Snowcake Soap

After having tried this last year, I just hadto stock up before it vanishes from the shelves until next December. I like the scent of Almond and this smells so subtly of almond...I'd compare it to an almond cake. Wonderful calming scent =)...

And lastly I got A Russian Dolly (x 2)...

So far, I've only tried the So White soap. The scent consists of what I make out to be apples & melons... and the doll shape is adorable!

The knot wrap is cool, plus it's made of recycled plastic!

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