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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lush New Year with 212 anyone...?

With the bank holiday gone by, I think it has finally dawned on me that 2011 is here and it is now Tuesday the 4th of January!
Somehow I didn't feel 2010 has quite passed ... until this morning (is it just me?)
I normally fill in my diary the day before new year, with the exception of this year where I bought my diary only 2 days ago; and I completely forgot about any New Year's resolution (bizarrely enough!).
So I reached out for my new diary and off I began filling it out... ahhh =] the start of a new leaf... and Spring is just around the corner!

Before the VAT increase, I decided to opt for some Lush goodies I need - namely a conditioner and a free face mask!
I've decided to spend on only necessary things this year and save the pennies! =P (And no, this isn't a resolution I've made. I think for a lot of us it's a habit or skill we have to learn or develop - to be 'wise spenders').
I got an edition of the latest Lush Times, which I haven't read through yet (if you want to read it, I think there is an online version of it - check out their website).

Have you heard?
The founders of Lush got a spectacular recognition award, obtaining an OBE! This just shows how much LUSH has grown as a company, not just in the UK, but worldwide. I checked their store locations and they have a LUSH at countries you wouldn't guess, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Philippines etc.
One of the things I like about LUSH's success is that they seem to achieve success in a humble way, through launching animal cruelty campaigns, to being concerned about the environment. You can sense just how passionate they are about what they do and what they believe in.
As far as I know, I don't think LUSH uses advertising for their company. Most of their success and expansion happens through word of mouth and networking sites such as blogs or youtube etc.
All in all - it's very rare nowadays to find a decent company who tries to succeed in a humble approach...

Lush offer a free face mask for every 5 empty black pots. I've managed to collect 5 of them: 2x Retread Conditioner (my favourite conditioner), 2x Love lettuce (my favourite face mask), 1x Cupcake (which is a great face mask but not my favourite as it doesn't have exfoliating bits in it).

I exchanged it for the 'Brazened Honey' face mask. On the first trial, I found this very gentle on the skin. It has the exfoliating scrub bits which I like. It smells wonderful. And it makes one's face glow and supple soft upon washing it off. This might just be better if not as good as the Love Lettuce face mask.

And finally, a quick review on the 212 Sexy perfume by Carolina Herrera. I've been wanting to get its original version for the longest time (which comes in a white bottle). However, I avoided getting that because some reviews commented on how putrid it smells! Although I don't quite agree...

212 Sexy featured below is a twist of its original version. It smells more spicy on its top notes. I can almost make out some kind of ginger smell (??) and pepper. Frankly, I don't like the top notes but what I do like is.............the notes it settles to right after that!
It smells almost like a personal fragrance, calm and light... I make out hints of musk and vanilla.

This is a great perfume for those who don't want to be spraying themselves with over powering perfumes. To me, it's almost as if only the wearer can smell the perfume after the top notes settle down - which is another reason I described it as a personal fragrance.

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